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Monday, July 1, 2013

Tuesday Cuppa Tea, Canada Day, 4th Of July, Wedgwood Flying Cloud

Hello everyone, and welcome to Tuesday Cuppa Tea and it's summer!

It's a mixed bag today, indeed! But first of all...I want to wish all my Canadian friends Happy Canada Day!!!

I hope it's a wonderful day for you! We expect to see the fireworks from Victoria, BC tonight...just across the Strait of Juan DeFuca. Always fun!!!

And also....Happy 4th of July to the USA! We are blessed...and may God continue to shed His grace on us...whether we deserve it or not! I am glad He is a God of mercy!

For my Tuesday Cuppa Tea, I looked for something thematic...and had some trouble! Until I remembered this Early American themed cup and saucer by Wedgwood, England that also has a tea theme!

This is the creamware pattern called Flying Cloud that was made made in the 1960s to commemorate the tea clippers that brought prosperity to both England and the fledgling USA.  The clippers were called Flying Clouds because of their many white sails as they drifted along on the horizon. The ship on this teacup is the Game Cock from 1850. There were 6 ships in the series. The ship designs were also done, but on a different shape in a series called Early American Transportation in the 1980s which include trains, and other forms of transportation. For more info on the cup and saucer at Antiques And Teacups, click on the photos!

Now to change topics....I am sure everyone knows that Prince William and Catherine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their first child around July 17th....my daughter's birthday.

The above photo is from Getty Images and was taken on June 15th, Queen Elizabeth II's official birthday after the Trooping Of The Colour ceremony. Will is iin the uniform of the Irish Guards and rode in the procession. For my post about that....go HERE

...and you may remember that I blogged about Kensington Palace...a favorite place for us to visit while we are in London, which you can see HERE.

Kensington Palace has become the London home of Will and Kate, and is currently undergoing renovations in anticipation of the new baby. 

  The photos are from an article in The Mail Online about it, which you can read HERE. The renovation is extensive and will be in the neighbourhood of 1 million pounds!

Lastly, I want to put in a plug for reading. We had an amazing thing happen this week. As some of you may know, my husband had Parkinson's Disease, and also a few assorted heart problems. He had a new heart problem arise in late April when we were on a cruise...still haven't gotten my photos off the camera....sigh...soon...We were able with the help of a wonderful doctor onboard to be able to tweak a med and have it stabilized and notified the cardiologist and had tests when we returned. They were not obviously worried, as it took them several weeks after the tests to get back to us. ANYWAY...

One of the meds my husband takes for his atrial fibrillation is a low dose of digitalis, called Digoxin that is one of the oldest know medications and comes from the floxglove plant. He has been taking this successfully for about 15+ years.  His atrial fib is called a "nuisance" by the cardiologist.

I am a reader, and got this book, Dreaming Of The Bones by Deborah Crombie on my Kindle to read on the cruise. I love English murder mysteries. Anyway, it came in EXTREMELY handy with the new heart condition...another primarily a nuisance called PVC (like a pipe!). At the same time, the Restless Leg Syndrome which is a part of Parkinson's Disease, and often a precursor of PD, kicked up and my husband was looking for non-medication ways to alleviate it at night, and someone suggested tonic water because it had Quinine in it.   

WELL....I suddenly remembered that a murder in the book was done by giving tonic water to someone taking Digoxin for atrial fibrillation,, because it causes the Digoxin to metabolize into digitoxin and can be fatal. Whoa!!! The next day, we had...finally...his cardiology appointment and asked her about it. She said she seemed to remember a reprot recently, and right there pulled up an AMA article saying that it is toxic and should be avoided...has indeed been banned in supplement form and can only be used for malaria. Wheww!!! All because I read Englsih mysteries....so keep reading folks! I always credit God's timing, so I give Him the glory for the whole timing.

Well, I told you it was a mixed bag! Lastly, we had our first 80 degree day this year yesterday...got to 82. Those of you in Texas, California, Nevada and other states basically all over the US...don't laugh!!! But it's warm for here. Felt kinda nice! Our natural air condition, a morning marine layer of mist is in this morning, so another lovely day!

Finally, we are having a Christmas In July sale...starting today! At both venues of  Antiques And Teacups...see the tabs at the top of the page above for more info....15% off....

I hope you Canada Day and 4th Of July are marvelous...take time for some tea...iced for us today...and enjoy the summer week ahead!  Below please find the linky for Tuesday Cuppa Tea and a list of some of the wonderful blogs I'm visiting.
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  1. Hi Ruth,
    Your post is just filled with wonderful information about so many topics. The Duke and Duchess look so sweet and I know, we're all awaiting the arrival of the royal baby. I enjoy the English murder mysteries too as well as the Tea mysteries.
    I know all about tonic water as I can't use it either.
    I wanted you to know that I had a time trying to link up as well as leave a comment. I wonder if others are having trouble as well. Enjoy the fireworks tonight!


  2. I love your beautiful Wedgwood cup and saucer and the pattern Flying Clouds is one of my favorites. Your thoughts on this set are so informative. I love the photo of William and Kate. I would love to travel to Canada for vacation time again for it is so lovely this time of year! Hope your weekend was wonderful!


  3. Ruth gorgeous Wedgwood teacup and saucer. Beautiful photos to celebrate both Canada Day and 4th of July. Thank you .. and Happy 4th of July to you and your family. Hugs and blessings, C. (HHL)

  4. Thank you for the Canada wishes Ruth, and a happy 4th to you! Doesn't Kate look beautiful in the pink and all glowing in her condition.
    Your quick thinking from reading the mystery book would have made a good episode for Murder She Wrote. I still watch the reruns of it. :-)
    My ereader is a Kobo so I'll see if I can get this book for it.
    Thanks for hosting.

  5. What a pretty teacup and so perfect for the holiday! I really enjoyed the history of it! Glad your hubby is doing better!

  6. Fun post, Ruth. Love the Flying Clouds teacup. Glad your hubby is doing well. Deborah Crombie is one of my favorite mystery authors. Have a lovely Canada Day! (Still having trouble linking, but that won't keep me from visiting!) Happy Tea Day!

  7. Hi Ruth, I just have had a time getting back on track with your new blog and all. I have missed keeping up with you. Love your post...always filled with lots of wonderful info.

  8. A mixed bag, indeed - but lots of news! Love all the UK updates - always - and I love a good English mystery - writers do a lot of research to get their details right - like the one Providentially in place to help you with your husband's condition. May the Lord continue to go before you in that. Sailing on a tall ship with tea - yes - a good selection this week. Joy!

  9. Hello Ruth,
    First of all I want to wish your husband the best help and healing. I am so glad you found out about the quinine!
    Your clipper tea cup is fab! I haven't seen that before.
    I hope you have a happy holiday and enjoy the fireworks!

  10. I always learn so much reading your blog.

    Sorry my post is all about our Independence Day - almost didn't link up...but tea brings us together as sisters, so I knew you'd forgive me if I seem tacky.

    That pink outfit and hat and sweet smile of the Duchess is one of my very favorite pictures of her - right up there with the classics that will be loved in years to come - as was the classics of Diana and Jacqueline K here. She is a timeless beauty, that sweet young lady. I can't wait for her safe delivery of the newest royale!!!!

  11. Hi Ruth,
    Thank you so much for hosting today. Your teacup is very pretty and I have never seen one like it. The Duchess is lovely too.
    Have a wonderful week!

  12. Hi Ruth,
    thank you for sharing this interesting cup and the story behind it. Tea was really luxury at this time. Its interesting that Ditalis is still used in medicine. I hope, the new medicine works well for your husband.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  13. Hello Ruth, Love your post - so filled with goodness and so glad you recalled what you read in the book - thankfully the author did their research well! Hoping all will be well with you two - I appreciate you sharing and hosting,

  14. Hi Ruth, oh my that's a scary story for your poor husband. I'm glad he's doing better and I hope he continues to improve. I love the clipper ship cup. A clipper ship replica came to Vancouver last year and we went to see it. They were amazingly small and cramped ships to spend such long voyages in. On the other hand, people were smaller then too. My birthday, my son's and my granddaughter's birthdays are all in July. We're lovely people...lol. Have a wonderful rest of the week and I'll see you soon. :)

  15. Hello Ruth! It was difficult for me to read your post because there were little icons and badges across the text. Fireworks over Victoria sound gorgeous! Love the Flying Cloud teacup. Have a lovely week,

  16. What a perfect cup and saucer for DAD for Father's Day! So glad you shared it at Tea In The Garden!

  17. I appreciate your Canada Day inclusion, Ruth!
    Mine was amazing - having just been in our country's capital to spend time with son & dil, to meet my first grandbaby =)) a wee darling grandson who couldn't be more precious...
    [Ottawa is my new fb header & me in foreground for profile pic]
    kind of amazing to now be at this new life stage... glad God provided seat sales to get there and back as I wouldn't have wanted to miss this blessed newborn stage =)

    Glad you're back on track & hapPy you're here posting!


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