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Monday, April 15, 2013

Tuesday Cuppa Tea, April Teacup, Victoria BC

Hello and welcome Tuesday Cuppa Tea! It has been a week of a battle against online piracy for me an several blogging friends...hence the post delay.  A week ago, I found out by accident, that all of my posts...images and texts...the complete posts...had been pirated or "scraped" by a cyber criminal. Bernideen and Judith  were also hit, and the cyber criminal is usuing Kathy's old Blogger address, A Delightsome Life that was taken when she moved to another blogging format.  

There are other posts on the nefarious blog that I don't recognize, so there are other innocent, unsuspecting victims as well.  To see if you are included, here is the link. Google has stripped out the malware that was there, but if you hover over anything, or click the large stuff on the right hand side you get porn....http://www.adelightsomelife.blogspot.com/

The difficult thing, Google will remove any posts we can prove are ours, but that requires the time consuming matching of up of the URL every one of the posts on the scraping site in writing with the URL of our original posts...and it looks like they have taken 3-5 years of posts. Sigh...

But enough of the difficult, and on to the enjoyable!  The teacups I have for this week (which you will notice now has a watermark which was reccomended to us, please forgive the style, I am learning new software) is an April teacup from a newer manufacturer called Royal Castle, England, that sprung up in the late 1980s in response to the demise of the larger English potteries.

The teacup is bone china and has a pretty sweet pea pattern. I had it ready for this post, and then it sold yesterday. I can see why! I love these Flower Of The Month deigns! Royal Albert and several other potteries have done them and they are very popular, especially for birthdays. Great fun!

I had planned a Titanic post for today before I discovered the theft, so couldn't get everything watermarked for today. So my apologies. April 10th, 1912 is the date the fabulous ship sank, I just wanted to commemorate that with this scarf I bought at the Titanic exhibit in Ireland 2 years ago.  To see a previous post I did on the Titanic and it's china, click HERE

I shared a couple of weeks ago that our son and daughter in law had come to visit us for our son's 43rd birthday as a wonderful surprise. They wanted to go to Victoria, BC and we stayed...as it was a last minute trip and our usual favorite hotels were booked because of the Canadian National Curling Championships...at the Swans Suite Hotel on the edge of Victoria's Chinatown.

We had a two bedroom suite just beside the Swans Hotel sign which was great! We had a marvelous time. Our son was especially happy because they have a brew pub and restaurant and were given free sampler coupons. I don't drink, and 1 is my honey's limit, so the kids enjoyed our coupons. The days brew that was the favorite was the Chocolate Porter...who knew????

We wanted Chinese food...if you are in Chinatown that goes without saying! We were directed through the historical Fan Tan Alley, listed as the narrowest true street in Victoria, to Don Mee's restaurant which was fabulous!  That's our kids walking ahead of us.

Don Mee's was on the first floor up and both huge, and packed!

We ordered the dinner for 4 and it was outstanding! I apologize because after these first 2 courses, we were all taking and eating so fast I forgot to take any other photos!  There were leftovers we took back to the room and the kids had them for breakfast. We went downstairs for some more normal fare in the sun room annex of the restaurant.  We were so blessed to have 4 days with our kids, then took them back to the Bainbridge Ferry where they headed for the airport.

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  1. Your teacup set is so pretty. Beautiful colors. And thank you for taking us on a tour with you. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Thank you so much for the info on the pirates that scraped your work! Wish I knew how to do so many changes and things, but I'm not that savvy..will have to wait for my daughter, lol! Lovely teacup set too. Thank you fort hosting this lovely tea party! Big hugs,

  3. Hello Ruth,
    I am having a very difficult time linking up to your post today. I have tried four or five times and it won't allow me to. I actually had trouble leaving a comment too. But I have had trouble with a few blogs today.
    Your teacup is very pretty and your trip to Victoria sounds like so much fun. How wonderful to have your son and DIL come for a visit! Thanks for sharing and linking up at my tea party. I will keep trying to link up here. Hope you're having a lovely day.


  4. It's 1:30 and still I've had no lunch - that Chinese food looks SO good! I love this cup and saucer and I think I've seen one of them. Not that brand through but maybe when Royal Patrician was around.

  5. Taking for sharing this great tour .. and what a lovely teacup. I'm so sorry that it's going to be so complicated to resolve things with blogger. Sending you hugs my friend. xo C. (HHL)

  6. Pretty teacup and yummy looking Chinese food.
    I don't relish copying and pasting all my pirated posts. :-(

  7. What a fun and interesting trip to Victoria you had. The morning glory teacup is very pretty. I'm so sorry about the blog mess and it kind of scares me. I may have a look at that site and see if any of my pictures are there. I"m scared I'll get infected. Will I? Thanks. Pamela

  8. What a pretty tea-cup. I love Victoria, too. I visited in the 80's. hugs, Deb

  9. Unbelievable that someone would sink so low to actually steal a blog, it's just hard for me to believe, but I do believe you! I know people will do all kinds of low things, it's just, how do they live with themselves and why do they do it?

    I wish I knew more about it, but I did read Kathy's info on her blog that she listed to try to protect ourselves.

    Good luck to you and I am sorry it happened to you.

    It looks like you had a beautiful trip and nice visit!

    When I have more time I would love to come over and join you for tea on Tuesday link-up ♥

  10. A trip to Victoria...what fun! We love Chinese food and it's great when you find a good restaurant with lots of yummy choices. Sorry about your blog troubles...what a bother. Have a great week :)

  11. Your tea cups are so pretty. Unbelievable how extensive the thefts have been. I found one of my posts, but it was inside one of the linkys. I do hope it will be taken all down. Pretty brazen for them to even include Judith's signature. I am subscribed to Copyscape and I can check there too.

    Jocelyn @ http://justalittlesouthernhospitality.blogspot.com/

  12. so sorry for all this stress Ruth! praying it comes to a conclusion soon for you...
    love your Victoria travels! always strengthens the blogging bond :)

  13. Your trip to Victoria looks fun! I am glad your dinner was so good.
    The tea cup is a pretty one. Some one will be very happy. I love sweet pea tea cups. Sweet peas are one of my favorite flowers.
    I am so sorry about your piracy issues. I have heard that there are people out there who have pirated my Elegant Paper Shoe video on the internet and reused it as their own....even though I am in the video. I can't imagine doing that.
    I wish you the best with your issues.

  14. Oh my word that pirating is horrible to learn.

    I had better check that out.

    I have always labelled my photos due to this exact fear.

    Are you using PicMonkey? It's free and easy and you can watermark - your are fine but a little bold - what you can do in PicMonkey is reduce the brightness on it and that kinda makes it more watermarkey if that makes sense.

    If you are using and need to learn more feel free to call me - I know it's a long distance but I am happy to walk you through it - it is so easy even a MONKEY could do it. Haha.

    Love the teacup and your mini vacation pics, oh I have such a travel bug right now!!


  15. PS

    Having a giveaway pop on over to sign up!

  16. What a lovely post - everything is so very pretty. Sorry about having your blog posts stolen - that is just low and sneaky - and what do they benefit from it?

  17. What a darling teacup! I have a teacup with sweet peas on it. Last summer I did a post using it along with my sweet peas from my garden. What a wonderful visit to Victoria with your family! Making lots of precious memories! Thank you for hosting and have a great week.

  18. Fab post. Beautiful teacups and lovely story about your family visit to Victoria. I live on the West Coast of Canada, but don't get to Victoria very often, but love it when I do! Regards, and happy belated birthday to your son. Regards!

  19. Hi Ruth, I'm sorry for what you, Judith, and Kathy had to go through. Some people try to cause others heartache, pain, and suffering. I don't get it.
    Blessings to you, Beth

  20. Thank you for the cautionary tale! I obviously need to be watermarking my photos!


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