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Friday, April 19, 2013

Celebrations!!!! And a breaking to breathe!

I am so pleased to report that the horrible cyber criminal blog that "scraped" or copied all of my blog posts whole...including text and photos and replaced all the links with porn and malware links has finally been taken down completely by Google. Woopie!!!!!

I am due to leave for a cruise on Wednesday...part holiday, part perscription from my doctor and allergist to get out on the ocean & breathe deeply. It's the only place I really breathe clearly, and it allows my system to recover and the meds to work again.  Now I can go and truly relax and not worry what I'm coming back to.

Thanks so much for all of the kind comments during this ordeal. Bernideen of Bernideen's Teatime Blog, Judith of Lavender Cottage and Kathy of A Delightsome Life  are also relieved. We have spent a lot of time sharing, encouraging and brain storming ideas for all of us to protect ourselves that I know will be shared over the next few weeks.  Thank you, dear friends.

So...I am taking a blogging break until May 13th when we get home. I hope, Lord willing, to have a Tuesday Cuppa Tea meme here at the Antiques And Teacups blog up that evening, a Monday, but it may not be until Tuesday because from now on I will watermark my photos and that will be another step in the blog process. But enjoy your blog friends and their posts, and take good care of cyberspace until I return.
Love you all, my dear tea friends!


  1. Yay! That is doubly exciting Ruth! I'm so glad you got your blog problem fixed. I'll be curious to know how you did it. And how fun to go on a cruise! I hope this 'medicine' works for you and that you will feel 100% better. Enjoy and relax and we'll see you when you get back. Blessings to you! Pamela

  2. Enjoy your trip and I hope you post pictures. I enjoy all of the tea cup pictures that you post. I see a lot of them on FB. I enjoyed your post of your trip with your kids. It is my way of traveling and I enjoy each and everyone 's trip here in blogland. Have a great relaxing trip. Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  3. That is such good news, Ruth! Now you can rest and enjoy your cruise and when you return, you can enjoy blogging again. Have a wonderful time!


  4. I am so sorry that you all ahve endured this... it is such a crying shame but now it is past and you are on your way to rest and relaxation.. God bless!!!

  5. Have a restful trip and what about the fooooooddd on those cruises - I have heard all the stories. I am with you - so glad the ordeal we have experienced with our blogger pirate is OVER and also the capture yesterday of the 2nd terriorist in Boston.

  6. Wishing you a peaceful and restorative trip! And so happy that the scraper has been removed. Wishing you a great week-end..xo C. (HHL)

    P.s. there is a little surprise for you over at my blog... do visit. xo C.

  7. OMG. I didn't know you had a blog problem. How awful. It' s one more thing to be aware of.

  8. I am so glad you were able to get your blog back in working order - so sorry about the horrible ordeal :( Have a lovely break and I look forward to when you return :)

    Love and hugs,

  9. I am so glad this was resolved before you left! Now, do breathe in deeply the ocean air - what a marvelous prescription - take care and God Bless,

  10. Whew - what a trying thing! Glad it's fixed for you. Enjoy your break and hoping you have great tea finds!

  11. Have a well earned Fabulous time, Ruth !
    Glad you can 'breathe easy' now :))

  12. I want to go to your doctor and get that prescription! My allergies are killing me and I feel like I'm in a fog.

    Have a fabulous time. Take lots of pictures and share them one Friday on "Oh, the PLACES I've been!".

    - The Tablescaper

  13. So happy the ordeal is over Ruth. Enjoy your break.

  14. Dear Ruth,
    I sincerely hope you have a restful and fun journey.
    Ruthie from: http://www.ladybstimefortea.blogspot.com

  15. So glad that horrible issue is resolved and you can literally take a breather! Always look forward to your posts and parties!
    Bon Voyage!

  16. I hope you are having a great cruise! You are missed in blogland!

    Gracious Hospitality

  17. Hope your blogging break is all you wish for it to be! And hey, this gives me time to play "catch up" again!

  18. Hope you are enjoying your vacation!..Christine


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