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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tuesday Cuppa Tea For St. Patrick's Day, Visit to Ireland

Welcome to Tuesday Cuppa Tea....the St. Patrick's Day edition! 

Aye and begarra but everyone is Irish this time of year! I have the corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and carrots all ready to go and plans for Irish soda bread or scones with my Irish breakfast tea!

I set out tea in the sunroom yesterday afternoon with our Irish petit fours. The china is an Aynsley Shamrocks teacup trio I have at Antiques And Teacups, with closeups below.

This wonderful Irish shamrocks design by Aynsley, England dates to 1939 to 1959 and is a very pale greenish white with the green clover shamrocks and gold trim. I love the swirl molded bone china design. It is even prettier than the photos. I never can keep shamrock designs around for long....for more info, click on the photos.

Here are a few photos from one of our visits to Ireland...this iwas 3 years ago when we took a trans Atlantic repositioning cruise on the Brilliance Of The Seas as our taxi to get to England for a buying trip. We took 15 daysfrom Fort Lauderdale to Southampton and stopped at Cobh or Cove so we could visit Dublin as well.  I took this from the ship in Cobh, which was home to the White Star office that was the Titanic's last stop before starting their ill fated journey.

The buses were waiting on the quay to take folks on tours. We headed into Cobh first. This is the Kennedy Park along the sea front

Later we took a tour into Dublin via Kinsale

We had lunch at the Bulmer pub, actually an Irish breakfast. Love the English/Irish bacon and banger sausages, but have never liked Irish blood sausage...didn't eat that... 

And visited Charles Fort, the oldest surviving 17th century star fortification and one of Kinsale's historic treasures.

Ireland was indeed green and lovely, the people warm and friendly and we enjoyed our visits immensley....but I figure that's enough travelogue for one post!

So I hope you have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day! Below is a list of the some of the blogs I'll be visiting and a linky so you can link you tea related post to Tuesday Cuppa Tea! And I love your comments! It's so neat getting to know you all!

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  1. The Aynsley china is gorgeous, and perfect for the greens. Thank you for the tour of Ireland..hopping I can go one day there! Wow, I'm the first to join the party! Thank you so much for having me. Have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day week.

  2. Dear Ruth,
    Wish I had that lovely Aynsley. So glad I could see it here. I have seen it on Ebay but not as a trio. Love it, love your petite fours and Love Ireland!!!
    Happy St. Patty's, Ruthie

  3. Ruth, You have made some wonderful travels! This cruise sounds fantastic! Martha from Lines from Linderhof recently wrote about a cruise they took from FL to Venice. I liked seeing the colorful buildings in Cobh. Loved the old castle and ruins and the green of Ireland too. Beautiful teacup trio, Ruth. I thoroughly enjoyed your post!

  4. Hi Ruth
    A trip to Ireland is on my bucket list, and the sooner the better after seeing your photos.
    I like your shamrock china and the petit fours look scrumptious.

  5. Hello Ruth,
    Your Aynsley china is gorgeous! Such a pretty set! The Irish petit fours are so cute and I enjoyed your photos of Ireland. Thank you for coming to tea and Happy St. Patrick's Day.


  6. Such a pretty shamrock teaset trio! Your petit fours look so yummy! I enjoyed seeing your pictures of your trip to Ireland. Sounds so exciting! Thank you for hosting and have a wonderful week!.

  7. Hi Ruth,

    Wow, such splendid photos of Ireland! You have really done up your tea table for St. Patrick's Day. I love your shamrock china. Happy St. Patrick's Day and Tea Day!

  8. Beautiful china, and beautiful pictures. Love the petit fours. YUM!

    Jocelyn @

  9. Beautiful Photos! What a wonderful trip to sail to Ireland and England. A buying trip would be great plus seeing all the beautiful places. Your trio is lovely with the sweet shamrocks.


  10. Ireland is one place I would love to visit before I die. You have had amazing travels and adventures. Ireland, England, Wales, and Scandinavia....maybe one day. Meanwhile I will enjoy my travels vicariously through blogs like yours. Thank-you.

  11. Oh, what beautiful china! And a trip to Ireland! I'm almost "green" with envy, but that's not nice so I'll just be HAPPY you were so kind to share your joys with us!
    Thank you for hosting!

  12. Your Aynsley Shamrock Trio is just beautiful, and the Irish petit fours look yummy on it!
    I enjoyed seeing the photos of your trip to Ireland. I've never been. Maybe someday!
    Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  13. The teacup is really beautiful. I remember visiting Charles Fort as well, but it was pouring that day! On the plus side, we had a beautiful rainbow on our way back to our rented cottage.

  14. Beautiful post, Ruth! Ireland is on my bucket list, but won't make it this year. You "know" I love your Aynsley Shamrock Trio!

  15. Thanks for sharing your tour with us...how fun! I love your shamrock set. I've always loved the pretty Aynsley set...maybe someday I'll come across one for my own! Thanks for the party! Hope you're having a happy day! This week's Homemaking Linkup is up and I would love to have you join, if you haven’t already.

    Mrs. Sarah Coller

  16. How lovely...! I adore the St. Patrick's tea set and the little cakes! xxx

  17. Hello Ruth, My daughter, who I nicknamed Clover, is completely in love with clover patterns and thinks this set is the loveliest she's seen this tea cup Tuesday. I love it too. She has a little clover mug made for her by the local pottery near our village in England but doesn't have a tea cup. I suppose I'll be on the lookout for one now. :)

  18. Hello there dear Ruth,

    I love that you were able to travel to Ireland 3 years ago... Such a wonderful memory. Your pictures are lovely!

    Your Aynsley Shamrocks teacup trio for your St. Patrick's themed post is just exquisite. Your pretty little Shamrock petite fours are also so utterly festive. Such whimsical little extra touches, and very yummy too no doubt.

    Thanks for hosting and have a happy St. Patrick's Day and a wonderful week. Also, thanks for your recent blog visit and for your kind, encouraging and sweet words.

    Cheers, blessings and hugs from Wanda Lee

  19. Hi Ruth,
    Ireland is definitely on the bucket list! Thank you for sharing your memories and photos. Love your teaware.
    Thanks for hosting. I'm looking forward to the party!
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  20. Wow! What a marvelous, beautiful place! I'd LOVE to visit Ireland some day - the dishes are so beautiful. I do appreciate you sharing and hosting,

  21. Hi Ruth, what a lovely cup n saucer, I don't have any actual Irish ones, just the trivet of my mothers. But I have a lot of pictures of Ireland and so enjoyed yours.God bless

  22. Love your shamrock china.

    Really enjoyed your Ireland pics. One of these days I should scan mine so I have them on the computer to share - but they aren't great pics and certainly not from a great camera.

    I ADORE your petit fours, you sell them? How CUTE!

    Happy tea tuesday, hugs to you!

    Thank you for hosting!

  23. What a lovely St. Patrick's Day tea post. Your Aynsley tea cup is perfectly decorated with shamrocks. I too, love the swirls!
    Thank you for sharing about your trip and your stop in Dublin. So beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  24. Love your travels and teasets! A lovely treat, Ruth, while I sit indoors for another expected 3 days of blustery snowfall this mid March evening :)

  25. What a gorgeous St. Patrick's Day trio--definitely one of the prettiest ones I've seen!


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