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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tuesday Cuppa Tea, Shelley Combo Teacup, Dishing It At Anthropologie

Hello and welcome to Tuesday Cuppa Tea! 

I hope you have had a great weekend. It has finally been clear air for us here after a 10 day inversion that kept me indoors with bad air quality alerts. It's the first time in 40 years. Amazing! And it did funny things to the temps too. We never got beyond cloudy and 42 degrees here at sea level while it was in the 50s up at Hurricane Ridge above the layer. It even got into the 60s on Mt. Rainier! Amazing! This was taken at Hurricane Ridge ski area in Olympic National Park during the inversion, while we had clouds and fog.

Today I have a new Shelley that I found recently. This is an unusual combination pattern that Shelley china did periodically. The teacup and saucer has no name and also no number which is the case for only about 15-18% of Shelley teacups. 

The shape is called Lincoln and has a lovely pedestal and gold trim, then the bands of forest green with gold floral overlay. The combo comes in because the cup and saucer centers feature a floral bouquet from the Georgian pattern. Apparently, the artists were allowed a certain amount of leeway to experiment with the various elements used in the designs. There is a whole separate group of Shelley collectors for combination patterns. There are Shelley China collecting societies in the USA, England and Australia with those who collect by pattern, or by shape, by function, combo patterns, miniatures,  favorite colors....you name it! Very fun! This beauty is available at Antiques And Teacups. For more info, click on the photos.

I wanted to share 2 store design photos from Facebook that were unattributed, but I figured them out. These are designs from a Southern California Anthropologie store using odss and ends of china pieces. I think they are so clever!

As a correction...the dress photo is from the Atlanta Anthropologie store and was originally taken by Angela at Tea With Friends, although I found it on Facebook. The peacock is from the LA store. Thanks Angela, I always like to give credit if I can!

Isn't that incredible? I don't like china being used unless it's damaged...so I hope these were.
In our local weekly crafts and organic produce market over Christmas, I saw a young woman selling gorgeous cups and saucer she had turned into birdfeeders, mobiles, bird houses etc, and she had a huge enamel dishpan filled with broken china pieces she was selling by the cup full. She had also taken china pieces and used the pieces to mosaic over bowling balls for yard art. Well and good. BUT, and here was when it got bad!   Being a china person, I noticed Shelleys, Royal Alberts, Coalport, Mintons, Rosina, Royal Chelsea, some really spectacular, valuable and collectible cups and saucers. I calmly asked her, sounding interested, where the teacups came from

"Oh...my grandmother left me her teacups collection that she collected all her life and that her mother collected. I hated them, thought they were ugly and useless so decided to make something pretty and worthwile out of them. Who ever uses teacups nowadays anyway?"

I nearly fainted and left with tears in my eyes. It made me so grateful to all my  blogging friends who appreciate the value of teacups as things of beauty and as standing for a life of beauty, graciousness and loveliness. Thanks you dear friends!!!!

Okay...I'm off my soap box! I really do love the Anthropologie displays. I only wish there were one that isn't 2 1/2 hours away!

I have designed a logo for our Thursday teacup meme, Thursday Tea Things And Talk. I hope you will join me for that as well. And I won't be on a soap box then! LOL!

So thanks for joining me today. I hope you will also visit my facebook page at AntiquesAndTeacups   where I daily share various things about tea as well, many more than I get to share here.  Please visit the blogs listed here, some of the ones I am visiting and I would be honored if you would link  your tea related post to the Tuesday Cuppa Tea Linky. And remember Valentine's Day is fast approaching! Have a wonderful week!

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  1. Beautiful Shelley tea cup combo. I don't think I have any Shelley. The Anthropologie displays are clever.

  2. Hi Ruth,

    I love your Shelley china - it's beautiful! ANd my mouth fell open when I saw the tea cup/tea plate dress :) It's amazing!

    I hope you have a lovely week.


  3. Hello Ruth
    I love the deep hunter green and gold of the Shelley, a good find. I am just as surprised as you by the comment about using the china for displays. I hope our future generations won't think like this and will want our teacups to pass on. And, the silver.

  4. Hi Ruth,

    Your Shelley china is gorgeous! Those store displays are very clever indeed. Thank you for sharing them with us and for hosting this lovely party.

  5. Love Shelley but generally too pricey for me. I continue to be amazed how much it is worth compared to the other companies.
    The store displays are amazing. Thanks for showing them.
    I bet that young lady would be crying if she knew how much value she trashed!!!
    I did do a mosaic bird house a while back out of old china but it was all from badly chipped pieces!

  6. Hi Ruth, Your Shelley teacup trio is beautiful! The ski area is really pretty as well.

  7. The sculptures are fabulous!! I can't believe some people have NO IDEA what they have!! Thank you for hosting this lovely tea meme. Have a nice week.

  8. Oh my, Ruth, your Shelley teacup is just stunning! I adore dark green and this set is spectacular! What a lovely find.
    I am sure I would have welled up right there on the spot to hear that young lady telling how she used her gramdmother's and mother's china to make those crafts. How heart-breaking and I'm sure her loved ones would be so hurt if they knew. Such a shame!
    Those displays, the gown and peacock are fabulous. Like you, I hope they were damaged china pieces. I enjoyed your tea post today. Very interesting! Thank you for stopping by and have a lovely day.


  9. Lovely teacup set! And I love those plate art displays especially the peacock...Christine

  10. The Shelly tea cup is very pretty, It does look like a Georgian pattern...It's the first time I saw Shelly but I love it..the display of dishes are gorgeous. I kind of feel the same way about the damaged china and dishes so I hope they were broken...lol..have a great new week stop by when you can, with love Janice

  11. Wow, that lady selling the broken china would make me upset too! How terrible. The Anthropologie displays are really neat. I like the Shelley china you have. The dark green is different but I like the gold on it and the floral bouquet in the center. Very pretty.

  12. Hi Ruth, I just wanted to let you know that the Anthropologie dress photo was actually taken by me, in Atlanta. It's from my Dec. 24 blog post. Thanks!

  13. WOW. This was one major post. The pics are amazing. Your Shelley is AWESOME.....the Anthropology designs are unbelievable, and yet I somehow doubt they were all chippies....and that story about the girl and her grandmother's and ggma's teacups made me physically ill. OMG.

    Shocking beyond understanding.

    (Thanks for hosting and visiting and being your fabulous wonderful self!)


  14. What a lovely Shelley, so pretty, love black cups n saucers.What a sad story about the granddaughter breaking her ancesters china, thank heavens most people aren't like that.
    Although, cups n saucers aren't worth anything anymore, so sad, their is the odd ladies or two that still buy, besides me, my husband cringes when I buy as I don't have any room left for another thing, but do manage to squeeze it in. Thank you for sharing your posts, so enjoyed it. God bless...

  15. Oh my! That story gave me the shivers! I think I would have swooned!
    Your new Shelley combination is lovely, and I think the Lincoln shape is one of my favorites. I enjoyed seeing an unusual Shelley. I would not have recognized it.

  16. Your new Shelley teacup is gorgeous! How sad that someone would deliberately break beautiful china for other purposes. It seems so many of the younger generation have no use or appreciation for finer things. My sweet daughter-in-law gave me her grandmother's Fostoria because no one in the family wanted it when she passed away. Seems everything's casual and throw-away these days.

  17. Gracias por venir a mi blog y por dejarme tan precioso comentario, hace tiempo que me paseo por tu casa pero a veces nos separa el idioma entonces no me he atrevido a dejar mensaje.

    Igual yo no tengo problema porque el ordenador me traduce todo lo bonito que publicas.

    Un beso grande desde Argentina.

  18. Ruth, I love dark green and your Shelley teacup is stunning! What a marvelous find. The Anthropologie displays are amazing. I'm with you, I can't imagine breaking beautiful cups and saucers. In fact, one of my favorite finds is a cup with a saucer that had been broken and very carefully repaired. I didn't notice it at first. Someone love that cup and saucer and I'm going to continue to love and use it. Happy Tea Day!

  19. Oh, Ruth, your Shelley cup and saucer are beautiful!
    And what to say of the china dress and peacock feathers!!! Amazing creativity!
    We shouldn't worry about the damaged china because I believe any china maker can provide plenty of damaged pieces to be used by these artists.
    Thanks for sharing all these beauties.

  20. Your cup is gorgeous! The china displays are creative and lovely but I understand your feelings about the broken china.
    The tea tradition needs to be passed on.

  21. Hi Ruth: That young lady would have sent me over the edge with her comment. I love Shelley china. You have so much knowledge about it. Thanks for always sharing it with us. Blessings, Martha

  22. Thanks for linking to "Friends Sharing Tea" Ruth.
    I would be afraid all those plates would go flying. Very interesting displays.

  23. Too warm here for snow! Loving the winter scenes - your new Shelley is gorgeous - love the colors,

  24. By the way - just no comment for some young lady such as that - who has no idea there are many ladies like us who'd be jumping for joy to inherit such beauties!

  25. Ruth, thank you for sharing this stunning teacup with us at my HOME party. It is so sad that some young ladies have no clue as to the inheritance they have been left my loved ones. Hope you're having a lovely weekend.


  26. I love all your gorgeous teacups! Never stop collecting. Those displays are just amazing!
    Thanks for sharing with us.


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