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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy Birthday Kate, Happy Anniversary to The Tube

Hello there! It's a grey and rainy day here, so, cup of tea in hand I have several milestones to talk about, as well as a reminder of a blog giveaway and a teacup for Thursday.

Today, January 9th, is Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge's 31st birthday. Happy birthday, Kate! Rumor has it that she will receive an estate chosen for seclusion and privacy for her birthday from Will. And not especially close to London, as they are living at Kensington Palace in London. With her pregnancy, she is going to need some peace and seclusion. Well done Will!

Tomorrow, January 10th, is the 150th birthday of the London Underground, affectionately known as the Tube. A favorite way to travel around London for us with our trust, money saving Oyster card.

One of our favorite routes is to the antique markets at the Angel stop in Camden Town

Other London Underground shots we've taken and a Tube tea towel

So happy birthday to that wonder of Victorian engineering, still going strong after 150 years, an essential of London!

For more info on the tube:

Top 10 Reasons to Love the London Underground

Don't miss the great old travel posters

So for my teacup today, it's a London souvenir mug by Dunoon , England by artist Emma Ball. I LOVE the scenes on this mug!

Isn't it cute? Such wonderful, iconic images! The Guardsman is a Grenadier not a Coldstream guard like my husband was, but I guess you can't have everything!

A reminder...click HERE or the photo above to comment to win a Downton Abbey themed FREE BATES T shirt!

I am joining the following blogs for some Thursday blog fun. I hope you can visit them as well. Have a cuppa in honor of Kate and the Underground with me!
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  1. Happy birthday to Miss Kate. What a lovely gift from her handsome prince! I didn't know that The Tube was that old! We never went on it when we were in London in '92. The tea towel is kind of neat to have and I love the mug. Hugs. Pamela

  2. Gosh.. 31 years old... That's young..( Ha Ha) .... Happy Birthday Kate....Love Dunoon mugs and china..I have quite a collection of them myself ... This one is certainly the perfect travellers souvenir... It would definitely be a fond reminder of England...Reading your post is always a teatime pleasure for me Ruth ..Cheers for a happy day...Hugs

  3. It's just amazing that the Tube was designed and built in the Victorian Era. I love London. Great city! A big Happy Birthday to Kate. What a gift. I hope it finds her the seclusion and solitude one deserves!

  4. I love the Brits, especially Will and Kate.(and tea!)
    Hard to imagine the tube being around so long, it is amazing!

  5. Never been to London. Enjoyed the little tour through your lens.

  6. What a darling mug. Happy Birthday, Kate. Happy Birthday, Underground. I love the London tube. Safe, clean and so easy to maneuver. I was listening to the BBC news in the car yesterday so I heard about the anniversary. Amazing thing to have built, isn't it?
    All the best, Ruthie

  7. Happy Birthday Kate! Such a beautiful young woman. Love the tube, all things British make me smile!

  8. A happy belated birthday to the Duchess!

    The Free Bates t shirt made me laugh out loud! :)

  9. I want a free bates t-shirt. haha Found you via Share Your Cup. Have a good week.

  10. Oh, how would it be to get an estate for your birthday? lol! Would love to travel to London some day and ride the tube. Your cup is a classic beauty. Hoping over to be included in the drawing give away. But my, did you see that dark side of Bates on Sunday? Who knew? Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.


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