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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I Love English Robins! Dunoon Robin Mug

Hello! I am finally feeling a bit better. I want to thank so many kind blogging friends for their kind thought and prayer. I got within a hair's breadth of bronchitis, but it's backing off and I can breathe better!

I can see you are saying...I know what bird that is...a robin! Yes, but what country does he come from? This is an American robin, beloved visitor to our American gardens with his beady eyes, quick movements and commanding song. But his English cousin, is linked with Christmas to the British people.

 The English robin is much smaller and more delicately made and is a favorite for decorating themes and stories, beginning with the legend associated with the cute little bird, linking it to the birth of the Christ child in Bethlehem. The legend says that the robin, among the worshipping angels in the stable were so concerned that the baby would be cold that they used their wings to fan the embers of a fire into a warming blaze, but singed their chests in the process. The little birds were rewarded for their selfless love and care for Jesus by being given their red breasts as an eternal symbol of the warmth of the fire they provided that night.

My teacup for Teacup Thursday is a mug by Dunoon that lives in the back of my china closet until the first of November, then makes an appearance until January.

The design was from the Season's Greetings series of 3 mugs by Dunoon from 2008 by the artist Richard Partis, and I just love it! I think it is the cutest thing. I also found 2 English Robin designs at Etsy I'd like to share. Darling!!!

This is a cute card design by mulberrymuse on Etsy

This is an antique postcard from PressedPetalDesigns on Etsy

This is a design by artist Joyce Geleynse at JoyArt on Etsy

The next are just images I have collected over the years...

You can see why I love them so much! They are an endearing reminder of my childhood and Christmas memories!

Here are the blogs I am joining.  I will be announcing the winner of the Harney & Sons Holiday Tea boxed set tomorrow!  Have a wonderful day, and don't forget to have a cuppa tea with someone you love!

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  1. Dear Ruth,
    I love your cheerful little robins in all forms on this post. I always knew the English used the robin a lot in Christmas decorating of cards and such but I never heard that story before. I am fascinated! 61 years old and still learning something new. Thank you for that.
    Happy season, Ruthie

  2. What beautiful pictures. Here in England we have lots of robin 'redbreasts'. They really are sweet and chirrup away prettily. They are also brave and friendly little birds and you can get quite close to them, just like Mary Lennox experienced, in The 'Secret Garden'. In certain places, they will come to your hand to eat pieces of nut, when they get used to seeing you.

  3. We have lots of Robins In Texas, Enjoyed a little history you shared.

  4. I don't think I've ever seen a Robin? :( They are so sweet, I will hope to! Love your mugs, so darling.

    Merry Christmas!

  5. What a fun post -- and how great to have the real robins to go with your mug's robin!

  6. love your post about these charming robins....your Christmas mug is beautiful!


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