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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Turquoise Chintz Teacup and Apology...

Hello and welcome! My post for Teacup Thursday is a bit late today...we had another meeting to go to in Port Angeles given for/by the American Parkinson's Disease Foundation which is a great source of info for my husband's condition, and I came home with a headache...don't know why. Could have been some perfume/hairspray/Bounce., as I am allergic to those. Ah well. Had a cup of tea and some dinner and felt like I could tackle my post, because I have a wonderful teacup to share!

The chintz looks like little puff ball flowers and branches, doesn't it?

cup and saucer is available at Antiques And Teacups, click on the photos

I just love this turquoise, green and white chintz teacup I found a year or so ago in a favorite antiques fair in Gloucester, England. The maker is Old Royal, which is actually made by Sampson Smith. The cup and saucer dates to 1931-1940 and is so pretty! I love the gold trim and elegant vintage shape, and I always love chintz!

Did you know that "chintz" on china was named for the all over designs on fabric brought from India during the British Raj period during the Regency and early Victorian period from the early 1800s ?  How fun is that!

I am joining the following blogs, which I will visit tomorrow. I had planned to share a great pumpkin bread recipe I concocted, but that will have to wait...hope you don't mind the short post!Hopefully the headache will depart. Until then, I'll:

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  1. So cute teacup! Such, I would like to have. Research advances in Parkinson's but it is a difficult disease. A relative of mine has it. I wish you a great week! Zinnia

  2. I think it's a quite unusual chintz pattern and color. Very nice.

  3. What a beautiful teacup! Hope the headache went away and you had a nice evening.

  4. Having tea from that lovely tea cup should make you feel much better.

  5. What a pretty blue teacup! Tea taste better in a lovely cup, that's for sure!

  6. Hi Ruth, such a pretty pretty cup and saucer. I hope you are feeling better today, headaches are no fun. Maybe you were thinking too hard???

  7. Such a lovely floral pattern! And, yikes... 61 days until Christmas... that makes it sound way too close!

  8. Lovely cup and saucer. I wonder what a set would be like. I have wanted to feature some on my Pretty things blog but before I do that I must wash them (smile) they have all been in the cupboard for many a year. I should make a start.
    Thank you for visiting my blog via Cindy's blog. I will be following

  9. That is definitely a darling teacup! Love the softness of the colors.

  10. Your cup is definitely cheery. Hopefully your headache is gone by now. It is good that you have such resources for Hubby, but trips should be fun. Staying in with a cuppa is great cure.

  11. HI Ruth! What a stunner of a cup - the pattern is eye popping and terrific colors! I think we need to add some of these thrifty vintage things to our Harvest Festival Arts and Crafts Show next year!! Then - maybe you'll come??

  12. Oh this beautiful teacup is in one of my favorite colors. Love it! Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.


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