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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Tuesday Cuppa Tea, Shelley Summer Glory, Lavender Festival

Hi friends...and welcome to Tuesday Cuppa Tea! It has been a wierd few days, with 3 days of thunderstorms which is VERY unusual for our area, in the far northwestern corner of the USA.

This is from the Peninsula Daily News in Port Angeles and shows the sheet lightning in the bay with Vancouver Island, BC Canada in the background. The thunderstorms followed our first really warm days, in the upper 70s. Don't laugh you Southern folks!  Today it was back to the 60s with a marine layer, pretty normal.

In honor of our summer...3 days last week... I chose a Shelley China, England teacup in a pattern called Summer Glory Chintz in the Low Oleander shape which is the closest this to a lavender I could think of.

I love this molded petal shape. So pretty! The pattern is lilacs, but the mauve is close to lavender, and I was looking for something that color for this next section on the Sequim Lavender Festival, July 20-22, 2012. The cup and saucer was made 1940-1966 and is available at Antiques And Teacups, just click on the photos.

Next weekend is the 16th annual Sequim Lavender Festival, one of the major events around here. Here are some photos from past years I took...notice the marine layer prevalence!

This is downtown at our City Hall...the entire town supports the festival with 2 organizations offering farm tours,  food, music, street fairs, demonstrations, crafts, music and all sorts of activities.

This is a local B&B, the George Washington Inn that also has a lavender farm.  You can read my blog post about a Lavender Festival Afternoon Tea we attended at the Inn HERE. Click on the poster above to go to the festival website if you are interested in more info.

I hope you have enjoyed my lavender photos. Below is my Tuesday Cuppa Tea linky...I would love you to link your tea related post. Also is a list of the blogs I will be joining for the first part of the week. Hope it's not too hot where you are and that you take some time for a cup of tea and a step aside from the busy time of year to be grateful for the grace that fills our lives.

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  1. Your teacup is perfect for summer time with its lavender outside and orchestra of flowers on the inside!

    Sounds like you will be having a fabulous time at the Lavender festival! Your photos are brilliant! Wishing you a fabulous week ..xo C. (HHL)

  2. I enjoyed your lavender post Ruth. The teacup is very pretty and those lavender fields are gorgeous! Have a wonderful week. Pamela

  3. How delightful! I am trying my hand at cuttings from my lavender plant. Maybe someday I can have a bunch like those in your photos. Have fun!

  4. Strange weather here too! Oh,your cup is to die for! I adore it Ruth. I just can't wait from week to week to see what you come up with. How fun.
    We did visit some of the farms last summer but would love to come up your way for the festival. It's always the same week as the antique show here...sigh. Maybe someday when Jim's done with shows we can see it.
    Have a lovely week...I can smell the lavender now!!!

  5. Oh, what a beautiful sight the lavender would be! You are blessed to live in such a place, Ruth! Pretty teacup too. Have a wonderful week.


  6. The Shelley Summer Glory teacup is certainly glorious! What a beautiful cup! I've promised myself that I will get to the lavender festival one day. Gorgeous! Happy Tea Day!

  7. What a gorgeous Shelley teacup set! thank you for hosting and have a wonderful day!

  8. I love the teacup Ruth, it's a beautiful one to celebrate lavender. One day I'd like to see fields of lavender in person.

  9. Hi Ruth, I love the lavender, and I enjoyed seeing your beautiful Shelley tea cup! That first photo of the lightning is amazing. Have a great week!
    xo Beth

  10. What a beautiful teacup! I've never seen on like that. The shape is so darling and I love the colors. What a pleasure it must be to have tea in it. I enjoyed your photos of the lavender fields and the lighting. Thank you for hosting.

  11. Oh! I am so envious, Ruth! lol...wish I could go to the festival. We have a friend who moved to Sequim 18 mos ago. Have a daughter in college now, so $ is tight, but someday we will visit those farms and our friend! Strange temps, eh? We had heavy humidity and thunder but it is gone now. Have a great week~

  12. That's a pretty awesome display of lightening!

    Your tea cup is one of the most unique I have seen. I love that the flowers are on the inside :)

    My daughter and her husband are contemplating a move to the far NW of the US (boo hoo for me since I live on the East Coast!) so I thought it was neat that you posted about the NW today.

  13. I love Shelley and that one is so pretty. What a beautiful event that is going to be. The lavender is gorgeous I can just imagine the smells. Enjoy ...

  14. Hi Ruth: Every week I visit and always see a cup I want to buy. Today is a hard one to resist. I just love Chintz, they are amazing. I would love to see your entire collection. It must be amazing. Have a wonderful time ate the event. Take lots of pictures for us. Blessings, Martha

  15. Hello Ruth,
    I think this may be one of my favorite cups you have shared. The coloring is so unusual, and I adore the shape. But the best part is the chintz! Are those lilacs?
    Wow! That lightning looks quite stupendous!

  16. I love your cup and saucer. Shelley china is my favorite! The color is amazing and I love how the handle and the trim on the saucer are green. Those lavender gardens are so beautiful. ~Thanks for sharing, Michelle

    PS I've just signed up to follow.

  17. Such a pretty set! Shelley made such gorgeous china. And who could resist those beautiful rows of lavender blowing in the breeze. It must smell divine!

  18. Hi Ruth,
    What a beautiful Shelley teacup. The lavender fields look so lush. I planted some lavender this year and it is already 3 feet high. It is very hardy. The bolt of lightening is spectacular. I love watching lightening light up the sky. Thanks for hosting.

  19. Wow - your lightening looks very much like my photo of the violent storm we recently had!! What an amazing sight!

    Equally amazing - and much more delightful - is your Shelley cup. I do like Shelley's - I have liked every one I've ever seen and own two. I keep my eyes open for more. What an unusual shape - and I love the creamy tone of the color!

    About your lavender - I guess it likes cooler temperatures. My three little bushes are dying in this 100 degree - plus - heat these days. We water morning and evening, too.
    Sad . . .

    Joy to you!

  20. Absolutely stunning! That Shelley teacup set is absolutely gorgeous!

    How I would love to stay at that amazing B and B!!! And a lavender field too - WOW!

  21. Wow! That's an amazing bolt of lightening. We get a lot here -
    I would just love to attend the Lavender festival and stay at that B & B - heavenly!
    LOVE your teacup - perfect flowers and color! I do appreciate you hosting,

  22. Lovely teacup and great lavender farm photos!
    It's winter here, nice for tea!
    Thank you for hosting.
    Besos from Argentina, Silvina.

  23. that green color is so pretty on the teacup...so jadeite looking! I can only imagine what all the lavender fields look like!

  24. OMG ..Your " Shelley" cup and auger is gorgeous ... I'd love to sip tea from it . I can't imagine anything more exotic to the old factory nerves than a Lavender Festival ... It's very hard to cultivate here, but I do keep trying ( ha ha)... Electrifying picture and fabulous capture too..I always find you postings so very enlightening ...Hugs


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