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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Teacup Thursday, Rosina Lilies And Metal Chickens!

Hi there. This post for Teacup Thursday, Vintage Thingie Thursday and Share Your Cup is really from the sublime to, well...let's just say the less than sublime.

My Teacup Thursday choice is this wonderful hand painted on transfer Rosina, England cup and saucer from the 1930s of lilies. I just love the pattern which was designed by A. Bentley. It is gorgeous, and such an elegant shape as well. Rosina is a favorite brand of the maker George Warrilow, who also made Queen's China. I think the teacup is so pretty! Lilies are flourishing around here at the moment.

For more info on the teacup at Antiques And Teacups, click on the photos.

Now onto something a bit less, well, elegant. There is a gardening center by our Costco here is Sequim, WA that has built itself up over the last year, and officially really opened last weekend for our Lavender Festival (for more on that, see the previous post).

The business is selling all sorts of things including greenhouses, blueberries, plants and a lot of recycled yard ornaments. The chickens and roosters are made out of old barrels, buckets and spare pieces of roofing and other sheet metal It really is a fun place to wander around in. It doesn't really have a name yet, they say they're working on that, but I just thought you might like to see what they have.

I hope you are enjoying the weather...we are having summer again today after reverting to a few rainy spring days...and I hope you can visit the following blogs I am joining:

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  1. I like the scalloped edge saucer and the beautiful lilies.

  2. Love the teacup. I'm on Vintage Thingie Thursday with you!

  3. I'm a new Networked Blogger follower, Come visit me when you have a minute. We'll have virtual tea.

  4. Such a beautiful set, I've never seen the pattern before, so very pretty. I adore the scalloped edge too.

    Love the recycled yard ornaments, so much fun.

    Happy VTT!

  5. Love your pretty tea cup. I am outside person so I would have really enjoyed that garden place.

  6. Beautiful tea cup pattern! Love the color of the flower, pink is a favorite. Laura

  7. Oh I love your cup Ruth! The garden center looks like so much fun. You live in such a pretty place. Thank you so very much for your kindness...very sweet and appreciated.
    The sun is coming out..yeah. Time for a bit of gardening. The weather in Poulsbo was really nice.
    Love, LInda

  8. I love your teacup! It's so unusual to see lilies on china and more's the pitty. The gardening center is a riot! I love the slow process of opening and naming it! This is my first visit to your blog but I see you are a royal watcher like me so I look forward to clicking on some of your other links!

  9. Love the teacup, I like lilies and on your cup they are gorgeous. Wish I could go to your garden center, sure does look interesting. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Smiles, Lu

  10. What a fun little garden center! Love the roosters!

  11. I love your Lily teacup and saucer. It really is unique. You see alot of roses, but not lilies. Perfect for Lily season. Those large chickens are so fun. You would need a large area to have one. I always appreciate you sharing with Share Your Cup.


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