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Friday, February 3, 2012

Glorious Sunny Day!

Okay...it's not a big deal if you live elsewhere...but if you live in the Pacific Northwest...in Washington state, s sunny day in February is a big deal! I played hookey from the computer today and my DH and I headed to Port Townsend on a day out. Port Townsend is a wonderful Victorian seaport village about 30 miles away.

I almost forgot to take any photos at all, I was enjoying the sun! And my camera seemed a bit bewildered as well. This is the ferry to Whidbey Island about to take off but the sun was on the wrong side, an nowhere to get a better shot.

We had lunch a shoreside restaurant Jordini's where my honey had what he said was the best seafood chowder he had ever had...and he is a connoisseur!

Then we just walked around town and hit the local antique shops with a last stop at the Perfect Dreams cupcake shop! A perfect, warm and lovely day! Ahhhh....hope it was as nice in your area!


  1. Hi Ruth,

    Looks like you are enjoying the sunshine over there! The images you have shared are just so cheery and bright! It's sunny over here in SoCali too. :) Wishing you a lovely weekend.


  2. Oh dear Ruth. How my heart longs for Port Townsend! It's one of my favorite cities to visit you your way. What a lovely day you had!

  3. I had to laugh ... my daughter got me hooked on Twilight late in the game and so now, a sunny day in Washington means the Cullens go camping! LOL! I hope you enjoyed your pretty, sun shiney day! :)


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