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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Huntley Palmer Biscuit Tin John O'Groats Tartan Tea Tin

I just LOVE tea tins...both a colorful decorating accent, a usueful thing around the house and a very affordable collectibel.

This is a vintage Huntley & Palmer Biscuits, England shortbread tin which can be used to biscuits...or cookies to you yanks!...or for a tea tin, for buttons, rubber bands, desk items or whathaveyou. 

The tin depicts John O'Groats...an English figure more famous for his name being assigned for one of the remotest corners of England.

Tartan is always popular. The Scottish tartan has always been revered by families but came to a greater United Kingdom or British Empire popularity under Queen Victoria when the Queen, her beloved Prince Albert and their children began spending holidays at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. Queen Victoria adopted all things tartan, wore it herself, clothed her family in it, upholstered her furniture with it and generally went mad for it. 

This biscuit tin has been recently added to Antiques And Teacups. For more info and photos use this clickable link:
Huntley Palmer Biscuit Tin John O'Groats Tartan Tea Tin

Yesterday we went for a drive down 101 from Sequim, missing out the turn for the Seattle ferries and continuing actually on highway 101 headed for Shelton. What is amazing is that you have a crowded road in both directions before the ferries cut off and then after that traffic leaves, highway 101 is almost deserted! Amazes me every time!

 We continued through the sunshine to Quilcene, through the National Forest and parts of Olympic National Park. I love the forests, greenery and the feeling that you have lost civilization within 20 miles of home. Cool.
BUT....the antique shops we usually browse thru were closed. So we just enjoyed the forest, trees and getting me away from the computer!

Take a day and get out and appreciate the sights, smells and sounds of fall....before they're gone!

Now for my afternoon cup of tea....can't wait! An event to be savored everyday!

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