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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas! Christmas Tea, Tree and Biscuits!

Is it looking and smelling wonderfully festive at your home???
It is in mine, albeit in a mild, understated fashion...

My tree is up... decorated with crocheted snowflakes and other crocheted ornaments made over the years, hand beaded ornaments when that was the thing in the 1970s, Victorian antique blown glass ornaments, and  demitasse teacups. They make great ornaments, and I have a LOT of them!
The photo above is a Shelley Heather demi...

there are cross stitch and plastic canvas ornaments too from cross stitch ornament patterns through the years...

Spode demis, George Jones, Noritake, Limoges, Johnson Brothers, Haviland, Occupied Japan... pretty well anything I fancied or inherited...

Do you have any repurposed ornaments on your tree? I have decorated my tree with antique postcards too...

Another Shelley... this one is called Lakeland...

My little Christmas tea yesterday was prompted by both a tea I found and the arrival of a box of English biscuits... cookies to Yanks!

The tea was a boxed Christmas duo from Stash Teas.
The Christmas Morning is a mix of black and Jasmine Green Tea... a change from the usual spiced blends for Christmas teas...

The Christmas Eve tea is really a Tisane as it is herbal and is quite nice too!
It contains cinnamon, orange peel, spearmint and clove. More the spiced Christmas tea, but nice, and no caffeine.

With a Brit background, Christmas pudding, figgy pudding, etc is always lurking in our minds this time of year, so it was fun to receive this box of Christmas Pudding biscuits (cookies) from the UK.

Tey are quite nice... sort of a shortbread with currant bits, orange peel and spices. Perfect with a cuppa!
Oh... and the china is my family Royal Doulton vintage 1940s Rosebud pattern... sort of like Hyancinth's hand painted Periwinkles, only rosebuds!

Some of my Christmas cross stitches are out... they bring such memories of where we were and what was going on in our lives when they appear each holiday season...
Have a lovely day, a cup of tea with a friend and rejoice in the blessings we have... not what we lack...


  1. Merry Christmas, Ruth! I love your tree decorated with all your favourite things. I have a few demitasses on my tree too. Lovely post!

  2. Thank you, Ruth, for mentioning that we should rejoice in the blessings we have and not what we lack. I needed that reminder this morning.

  3. I was admiring your pretty tree on FB! I must ask: how do you secure the fragile demitasse teacups?

    As you know, I've repurposed tea items such as teabag holders and miniature (play) tea sets, for my tree!

  4. Ruth, did you do the cross-stitch? Looks very intricate. I have some beautiful pieces done by a dear friend years ago. Would love to be able to do that myself, but any sort of needlework soon leaves me cross-eyed and crabby! Saw in your comment on Sandi's blog that you had a rough night. So sorry. I hope your husband is having a better day.

  5. Your tree looks beautiful, Ruth! I LOVE the special crocheted trees that your mom made for you so many years ago. Your cross stitch piece is just lovely!


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