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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Wedgwood Lugano Tea Time For June Nature Notes Iris

I t is the middle of June already! How did that happen????

Our first Iris has bloomed... it will be mid 70s today, so summer is here!
The Iris reminded me of a June page in Edith Holden's Nature Notes of An Edwardian Lady...

Another book I enjoy monthly...

But the teatime today is a black and white one...

I have always liked this pattern... Lugano by Wedgwood, England from the 1960s... the following is the coffee pt, but they are being used as tall teapots...

I had teacups in this pattern in 2016, but they sold out. Then a few months ago I acquired a whole set to my joy!

This version was made as a more modern take of an earlier Wedgwood version from the 19th century. This 1960s version is in creamware... or Queens Ware as Wedgwood calls their version of creamware... and features a wonderful Italian landscape design based on Lake Lugano in Italy.
Love the shape of the teapot and cream and sugar, which are shapes Wedgwood has been using since the 18th century.

I do love the shapes! And black and white is so versatile! And being from the 1960s, made in England.

Defintely something to go with anything, or dress up and down.

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And wishing you a Happy Flag Day on June 14th!


  1. Wonderful books and gorgeous china!Best wishes!

  2. Ruth, I've never seen that pattern before! I just hope I don't run into a set of it anywhere--it will be far too tempting! We really like irises, and yours is a beauty. We currently have just one variety--the beautiful lavender blue tall bearded iris from my late aunt's garden. Every spring when they bloom, I think of the day years ago when she and I dug them up for me to take home.

  3. Lovely! That's a pattern I have not seen before.


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