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Monday, July 23, 2018

Tuesday Cuppa Tea Sequim Lavender Festival, Jardin Du Soleil

Hello and welcome to my meme Tuesday Cuppa Tea featuring the just past Sequim Lavender Weekend.
There is no linky, as due to my husband's health situation I won't be sure what the coming weeks will be like until another procedure and a test Tuesday, July 24th, when we will know what's next for him.

In honor of the Sequim Lavender Festival, which has just ended, here is my teacup from my archives...as purple teacups don't come by too often...a purple three footed beauty from Occupied Japan:

I  love the vignettes and beading...

And it had 3 feet too, which I am indeed partial to!

The mark on the bottom of the saucer is below....

The Occupied Japan period was from 1945-1952 when post World War II Japan was occupied and rebuilt by the allied nations. I love the color, shape and decoration. Too cool! 

This is the artwork submitted by artist Julie Peterson that was chosen as the 2018 Lavender Festival image this year, and was on lots of different items for sale on the weekend....

The 22nd annual Sequim Lavender Festival ended Sunday...three days of lavender farm visiting, lavender cutting, sniffing, eating and shopping with the additions of a car show, hot air balloons....and actually gorgeous weather...which is not always the case. Estimates are that we had 30-40,000 extra in town for the festivals...the ferry from Victoria, BC had been sold out for weeks, even with extra trips added.

On the first day we choose a lavender farm to visit, and, as we couldn't do that this year with my husband's health, I am reposting a previous year's visit to Jardin Du Soleil, as we took out visiting Daughter and son in law there the week before my husband fell ill.  
 We visited Jardin Du Soliel early in the morning before the crowds arrived.

Outside the gift shop at the lavender farm

25 different varieties of lavender for sale. They are grown here, and they always have some for sale

Some views of the wonderful lavender fields. Note the colors of different varieties.  Below, are items in the gift shop.

 Earl Grey tea with lavender instead of bergamot?????

Our lovely daughter Olivia in the fields...and some other photos I took...

Are you Lavender'd out? It always smells so nice around here this time of year. And then, in a week or so, the rest of the harvest strips many of the farms...always sorry to see the purple tint leave the fields. We have an old plant in the yard, but we leave it until the blooms have dried because the bees and Hummingbirds love it.

We have a few of our Adderley, England Lavender mugs left at Antiques And Teacups, just click on the photo...

On a change of topic, I had a lot of emails at Antiques And Teacups about the Prince Harry & Meghan wedding mugs we had as they sold out, asking if we would be getting anymore. I couldn't get any more of the Leonardo ones I had before as the pottery sold out, but we did get some by Adderley, England which arrived a week ago. The link is here, click on the photo, or on my blog right sidebar at the top.

I just want to thank you for all your kind emails, blog comments and messages on Facebook offering prayer and encouragement for my husband. It is much appreciated.
Thank you!
Have a lovely week, and hopefully I will have some good news to share on Tuesday.


  1. Wonderful pictures!That purple teacup is stunning!I have similar ones in pink, blue and green but they are demitasse cups.Best wishes for your husband and you!

  2. Oh Ruth, we all certainly understand about you not having your linky party. Prayers are being said for both you and your hubby. Your pictures of the lavender festival has me wanting to sniff the photos! What a sight it must be to behold. Take care, and God bless both of you.

  3. Lovely lavender photos. Thank you for sharing this beautifully fragrant farm and festival. Some day we'll get to experience this unique area. Sending prayers for improved health for your husband. Be sure to take care of yourself, Ruth.

  4. Beautiful lavender theme and I think I can smell it too! Yes, praying for you and your husband!

  5. Love, love the purple teacup with the cute gold feet. I like lavender, but enjoy seeing and smelling it more than tasting it in my tea. Hope your hubby's health issues get resolved soon.

  6. Thinking of your family at this time, and completely understandable. I used to go to a Lavender Festival in Kansas when I lived there and this certainly brought me flashbacks of it. Beautiful photos.

  7. Ruth, thank you for taking the time to share the lavender festival with us at this difficult time. I hope your husband's tests go well and that he will be much better soon. I love lavender (the look and smell, but not the taste!) and would surely enjoy that festival.


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