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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Don't Forget Clocks Change Tonight!

Just a reminder for my US blogging friends...Daylight Savings time "Spring(s) Forward..."
March 10-11th....

A great excuse for another cup of Irish Breakfast tea and some shamrock petit fours!


  1. Ahhhh.... I just typed out a whole comment, and accidentally hit the sign out button while trying to hit the tiny little Notify Me box!!! Why do they have to put it so close?! I lost my whole comment! Wahh!!!
    Anyway, I came to say I somehow landed on your blog, after opening a few emails, and clicking around some other blogs, and bc it was an older post, from fall, I had to hit the "Home" button.. And, thankfully I did! I had NO idea it was Daylight Savings already! Lol! I don't watch regular TV, especially the news... I mostly watch YouTube or Netflix... And, never heard anyone talk about it either! So, I wanted to say thank you for this! Lol! I'd have been an hour behind, everywhere I went, and all day long! I know, bc I did it last yr, too! Love your blog, and will def be poking around a little more before my eyeballs betray me, that is. And, considering it's now Midnight, but really, it's pretty much 1am, I better get my butt off to bed! Lol! I love Daylight Savings tho, bc it means, Yeay, Spring is almost here!!! I'll definitely drink some Tea to that! ;)

    1. Glad the post was a timely reminder and thanks for visiting!

  2. How adorable,Ruth!That trio is beautiful.Love the gorgeous doily too!Hugs!

    1. Thanks so much! I love doilies...have to get a few more of mine out!


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