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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Tuesday Cuppa Tea? Facebook Milestone

Hi there... the last few days have been a reminder for me that...

As this scripture graphic from Little Birdie Blessings says... My times are in His hands! The last 3 days have been gale warnings coupled with very high pollen warnings...so I have been battling a sinus headache and in bed most the time...so the photos and recipe I prepared for Tuesday Cuppa Tea this week will have to wait as I can only spend a few minutes at the computer. The conditions are to start changing tomorrow, so looking forward to that.

But just wanted to share a Facebook milestone! I didn't notice until a friend emailed me. My Facebook page, Antiques And Teacups has surpassed 50,000 followers! I couldn't believe it! 
So thanks to anyone who already follows my page, or you can sign up at 

Have a great week and hopefully I will be able to visit some blogs.


  1. Congratulations on your FB milestone, Ruth! I pray your symptoms will disappear shortly and you can start enjoying your life again. I have a mild allergy this time of year. Funny thing about allergies; I haven't had any most of my life and now I do, along with asthma. I'm thinking it must be due to all the meds I'm on for different conditions I have. It's no fun but yours sound quite severe. Bless your heart! Take care dear Ruth!


  2. I'm so sorry that you've been in bed and having sinus headaches, Ruth. Hopefully you'll feel better very soon. Congratulations on reaching such a milestone on FB!!!!

  3. Congratulations on your FB milestone!I hope your health improves and you are better soon.Love your birdies and God's message,we can't forget His message...Blessings,Maristella.

  4. Congrats on the 50,000 followers, Ruth! That's awesome! I wonder how many of them FB allows your posts to be seen by. I make sure I Like your posts and comment on occasion so I can be sure to see your posts in my feed. Always a lift to my spirits to see your beautiful teacups and tea things.

  5. Congrats on reaching 50K followers on FB! I hope that your pollen allergy eases up soon so that you can enjoy the summer weather.

  6. Congratulations on the milestone, and I do hope you're feeling better soon!

  7. Congratulations! Sorry you don't feel well... I hope that changes soon. :)

  8. Hope you feel better, Ruth! Congrats on another milestone...Christine

  9. Congratulations on your milestone, Ruth! Praying you feel better soon!

  10. Hi Ruth,
    Congratulations on your huge number of followers! Wow! I do hope that you feel better soon. Take care of yourself. Karen


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