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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Just Peachy! I will miss them! A Peach Tea for Tuesday Cuppa Tea

This has been the best year for peaches! I have been sharing peach recipes...and we have 3 peaches leftmight be the last flat we can get of organic peaches...I think I'm gonne cry! 

And it has been record-breaking heat here on the Olympic Peninsula in NW Washington state for the last few days, and then today...20 degrees cooler, mist and rain. What a relief! The heat sent us out of the sunroom early in the day, but this was afternoon tea yesterday...my Peach Tea.

Peaches, their aroma and flavor, just shout summer, don't they?

This ceramic peach pitcher matched our ripe peaches perfectly....we have been having iced teach every day, and this is perfect for that...

I didn't have another peach colored teacup, so I just chose this yellow and green Shelley in the botanical Celandine pattern...

The pattern number is 14085 and it is in the Dainty shape with green trim. The pattern in this shape was made on and off between 1940 and 1966 when the pottery closed. The funny thing though, is in the pattern books number 14085 is the Syringa pattern and the number for the Dainty Celandine with green trim is recorded as 14055...so somebody goofed!  It happens...

I found this wonderful gold luster cream, sugar and tray set recently by Royal Winton Grimwades, England from the 1950s. 

It is classed in the books as a crossover from the Golden Age Gold Luster pieces and the Relief Molded wares. As you can see it is flower petals all over, and the fitted tray is shaped like a leaf. Cool!

I found this large hand made padded tea cozy had just the right colors to go with my Peach tea!

I added some of my Edwardian era romance postcards. I love old postcards...they really are a window to a lost age..

And I had to include one of the last of the organic peaches we have so enjoyed this summer. Only 3 left after breakfast this morning...we will check on Tuesday at our local organic farm store, but....

And our tea treat today was a slice of the Fresh Peach Streusel Bread. I found the recipe last week on the Life In My Empty Nest blog...her photos are better than mine...  The bread is on my Noritake Ravenna dishes I inherited. I recently found some more, so will be listing the duplicates in my shop, Antiques And Teacups soon.

In Royal news, we found out a week ago, that William and Catherine, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their children will be in Victoria, BC Canada...our closest big city...4 times in September-October! Kensington Palace tweeted this timeline for thier time in British Columbia:

It says the trip will take place between Sept. 24 and Oct. 1:
  • Sept. 24: Victoria, B.C.
  • Sept. 25: Vancouver
  • Sept. 26: Bella Bella, B.C.
  • Sept. 27: Victoria and Kelowna, B.C.; Whitehorse, Yukon
  • Sept. 28: Whitehorse and Carcross, Yukon
  • Sept. 29: Victoria, B.C.
  • Sept. 30: Haida Gwaii, B.C.
  • Oct. 1: Victoria, B.C.
And...we are scheduled to be there during one of the days because we wanted to see the Mammoths! exhibit at the Royal BC Museum in Victoria! Now we are wondering if we will be able to even GET to the Museum...well, time will tell! The Museum is right across the street from the Fairmont Empress, but we imagine they will be at the Governor's home. Exciting! You can read more HERE in a Huffington Post Canada article if you want to know more...

So thanks for joining me for Tuesday Cuppa Tea! I am joining:

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  1. What a peachy post!!!! I just came home from Trader Joe's with a flat of peaches! Thank you for sharing the link to that recipe!!!

  2. I love peaches and can hardly wait for our local peach festival over Labor Day weekend. Enjoyed your post today, as always!

  3. I have a post, Ruth, but it's not tea related, so I didn't link up. Your peach tea looks, well...just peachy!! I love your pitcher, your cream and sugar set, and your pretty tea cozy. Your bread looks yummy!

  4. We will just miss the Royal visit, we'll be in and around Victoria from Sept 7-22. I'm sharing a twist on using some teacups this week.

  5. Very cute and peachy! Love the pot! I hope you ge to see the royal family in person, Ruth. Thanks for hosting!...Christine

  6. Your peach pitcher is really cute, Ruth! I'm glad you could get your organic peaches. They no doubt are delicious. I made a peach cake a couple of weeks ago and unfortunately the recipe called for pecans. Hubby and I both discovered that we don't care for pecans in a cake. I will make it without the nuts next time. Your Shelley is lovely. How exciting that William and Kate will be out there where you may get a chance to see them! Thanks for linking up and enjoy your week. Thank you also for your prayers. They really helped!


  7. Your fun post has got me craving peaches! I missed our local peach festival (AGAIN!) last weekend so the only peaches that I'll be enjoying is my peach white tea.

    The Royal Visit to Canada sounds very exciting! Wished that I lived closer to the West coast.

    Thanks for hosting and enjoy the last few days of August.

  8. Ruth, I should have been there for your lovely peach tea! Like you, I've been making lots of peach things this summer (peaches are one of the only things I like about summer!). So today I brought my fresh peach scones.

  9. I love Teacups so meeting you has been a pleasure.I will be glad sharing my tea cups with you

  10. Peach ice tea sounds delish! I bought a box of peaches and just ate and ate them. The last few made it into a batch of jam. They were so yummy! Love your pitcher and your gold luster ware! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  11. The Royal visit sounds very exciting. I hope you get a glimpse of the little Prince and Princess. Thanks for hosting!

  12. Ruth, Maybe you will get a glimpse of the royals. Wonderful that they will be in Canada. I've been disappointed with the peaches I bought at the grocery store. Thanks for sharing. Sylvia D.


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