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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Saint Patrick's Last Hurrah Here - Barm Brack Bread

Just a last bit of the Irish for Saint Patrick's Day today....I love the antique postcards, don't you? By famoue artist Eleanor Clapsaddle. And I made an Irish Barm Brack for our Saint Patrick's Day afternoon tea and corned beef and cabbage dinner now in the crock pot...the recipe is from...

A Little Irish Cookbook by John Murphy, illustrated by Karen Bailey from 1986...which has some great recipes...I've had this for years.

And here is my finished result...yummm!  I was very happy with it, if I do say so myself! Served on our Irish Royal Tara serving plate...we have other items in the pattern at Antiques And Teacups website.

So a Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you!  


  1. What a wonderful, fascinating post celebrating St.Patrick's Day traditions, I love it !
    Thank you for sharing this Beauty with us, dear Ruth, may ther remainder of your week be filled with joy, and happy St.Patrick's Day today, of course !

    With sincere thankfulness


  2. The barm brack looks wonderful, Ruth, and I like that it's a small loaf with lots of raisins!

  3. Your bread looks absolutely delicious! And that sweet little vintage card is adorable! Happy belated St. Patrick's Day! Happy First Day of Spring!

  4. Your Royal Tara China plate is so pretty for tea time. The barm black looks yummy. The. Postcard is just the cutest with the little lass. Thanks for your kind comments.
    Enjoy the Spring weather!


  5. That looks yummy Ruth and you know I like antique postcards, especially St. Pat's because I love green!

  6. Your Barm Brack looks magnificent! Wish I'd been there to share (okay, beg) a slice!


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