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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Tuesday Cuppa Tea, Veteran's Day, Washington State Birthday, British Registry Marks

Hello and welcome to Tuesday Cuppa Tea on a wet weekend....with rain expected for the next 10 days from a massive Pacific storm now dumping feet of snow on Alaska....hope where you are it's a bit better...

But this is the Pacific Northwest...first to get the storms that move in from the vast Pacific Ocean. We are called  the Evergreen State...and there's a reason. So...I have green print today, and I have an 1880s Antique Staffordshire, England green transferware teacup trio today which I have shared before, but love.

The cup and saucer with matching plate is unmarked ironstone, which is normal for this era. It was not really required until 1890, when the McKinley Tariff Act required that any item entering the US must have the country of origin marked on it, and as England exported vast amounts of china and other goods to the US market, they began to comply. In the earlier 19th century, marks were only used by big, important potteries, or celebrity wannabees....

Most of the Staffordshire potteries didn't mark their wares either, although the British Registry system came into being...better known as the kite mark...in 1839 and many of the larger potteries used it.

The mark gave wonderful information about type of wares, date and manufacturer....

\These 2 graphics are from The Potteries.org...because I couldn't photograph any I had as well as these...

But...alas...this set has none..although it is pretty easy to date by material, shape and transfer type. Transferware of the 1800s get usually lumped into the term Antique Staffordshire, because that's where 99% of it was made, from hundreds of small potteries that existed. Lovely things from another time....

The reason I chose green this week IS for the Evergreen State...Washington State, because Washington was admitted to the US as a state on November 11, 1889...and this could have been sitting on a tea table as the news was celebrated.

This is our state flag......

And our state nickname.....Just a little flag waving here....and the date is shared with an important American holiday...like Remembrance Day in the UK...

I also want to remember our veterans...of all wars...who have fought for our freedom. We owe you so much.  My second cousin is entombed on the Arizona from the day Pearl Harbor was bombed. It is an eerie place to visit, as we did again this last April...

It makes Veterans Day very close this year again, as it is for many of you as well. Thanks you...each and everyone who has served, is serving or supporting those who serve.   Thank you.

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  1. Good morning, Ruth! I am sooo sighing over your pretty green transferware trio. It's so perfect to honor your state. Thank you for all the history that you shared. Thank you so much for hosting your tea party!

  2. Good morning Ruth,
    I LOVE your green trio! What a beautiful set! I do seem to favour pink a lot but in reality, green is right up there with it. You have shared another interesting post for us today. Thanks for hosting and have a lovely day, my friend.

    Autumn blessings,

  3. Hi Ruth,
    Oh that Shelley trio is gorgeous! Love that colour of green! So glad that you are still having Tuesday Cuppa Tea - it's such a pleasure to visit your blogspot and see all of your pretty treasures. Thank you so much for mentioning me! I am so honoured! Happy Teacup Tuesday! Have a delightful week! Karen

  4. Hi Ruth, my favorite color is green so I love your pretty green transferware trio. Wonderful post. I really enjoyed reading about the markings and the tariff act. Have a lovely tea filled week!

  5. Oh that green transfer trio is so preety, Ruth. I love the color....Christine

  6. What a lovely green trio! Thank you for hosting and sharing the interesting info on the kite markings.

  7. What a gorgeous teacup Martha! Thanks for hosting!

  8. Good morning! Your Veterans Day tribute is very moving. It is important to stop and remember. Angels to you Ruth.


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