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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Tuesday Cuppa Tea, Shelley Crabapple Cup And Saucer, Trip Report

Hello and welcome to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!   We got back Thursday afternoon from our visits and travels. Had a marvelous time with friends, and missed another group but had a surprise hook-up too! More about the trip later...haven't even downloaded the photos yet. Unfortunately my Honey has had his first ever severe allergy reaction...to rag weed, I guess, so I am behind on everything but caring for him. Parkinson's means if you get anything, it's magnified! But please forgive the sketchiness of this week's link up party.

I relaxed with a cup of tea this afternoon and my new Victoria magazine issue and loved this poem by George Cooper:
October threw a party,
The leaves by hundreds came,
The Chestnuts, Oaks and Maples,
And leaves of every name.

That helped me to decide what teacup to share...a wonderful Shelley China, England Mocha shaped demitasse cup and saucer....

The pattern is number 11684 and the art deco design is called Crabtree...you can see why, with the twisted old tree...don't know about the blue apples, but I guess that's artist's license...

The design was made between 1929-1940 and was also made on the Queen Anne shape and a few others. I just love the raised enamel fruit!   The 31 after the main number denotes the color of the saucer, as it also was made in green. After dinner coffee or tea with liqueurs was the thing during the art deco era. And it really has had a renaissance with espresso's popularity! A lot of folks collect demitasse cups not only to use, but because they take up less space than regular sized teacups. For more info at Antiques And Teacups, click on the photos.

This is from the book Delectables For All Seasons by artist Margie Koch...her rendering of an teapot made of mushrooms for fall...

Before our friends arrived, I did manage to get out a few fall items...so the runner and pumpkins are out on the buffet...

My fall themed Fruit Of The Spirit cross stitch is up...

The fall magazines are out to peruse with a cup of tea in hand...

The fall garland is up around the antique mirror in the dining room...

And the wreath is on the door!  Welcome to Fall...I love it's crispness and colors! Don't you?  Thanks for visiting. I apologize for not responding to comments while gone...I was on my iPad, and could not get the thing to post comments or link to other linky parties...don't know what I am doing wrong, but...I'll leave you with our local organic market farm store Sunny Farms....

Below is the list of some of the blog parties I will be part of and there is the linky for your tea related posts...please remember that it is SSSLLLOOOOOOWWWW but if you are patient...it's there! And I love to read your comments, and can find you to visit!


  1. That is a very special Shelley! What a great art deco design. Love the blue apples (or berries). Must be a very rare set. I didn't know the last number indicated saucer color. I need to take a look at my Shelleys now. You're ahead of me in decorating for fall. That is on my to-do list for next weekend. I really like the vibrant colors of your wreath. Glad your visits were enjoyable, but hope your husband's allergies subside soon.

  2. I'm glad you and your hubby had a great time, Ruth. Too bad that he is suffering from allergies.
    Your Shelley demitasse teacup is so pretty! I like all your Fall touches around your home. Thanks for hosting and take care.

  3. I'm glad you had a nice visit and travels with friends, Ruth! Sorry about your hubby's allergy though. Hope he's feeling better soon. I don't do much Autumn decorating myself. Just a wreath on the door and some pumpkins. I'm more of a Spring and Summer girl. Your Shelley is very cute and it's interesting that some of the apples are blue. Makes for a conversational teacup. Happy Autumn, my friend, and thank you for hosting.


  4. How wonderful you had a visit with friends Ruth, it's always the best time! I have allergies so I know your hubby must've been suffering, it's ever so uncomfortable.
    I just sort of finished all my Fall décor, except for the kitchen.
    Feel free to let me know if my post is ok for the party, as I do have a tea setting, but maybe décor of any kind is not permitted.
    Thank you so much for hosting. Have a lovely week.

  5. Pretty demitasses cup. I love your fall items too. Thanks for hosting, Ruth.... Christine

  6. Happy Fall, Ruth! I hope that your hubby's allergy symptoms eases up soon. I like the fall garland draped over the mirror. Thanks for hosting and have a wonderful week!

  7. Hi Ruth! I hope your husband is feeling better soon! Love all your fall decorations--I have to get started! The mushroom teapot is so cool! Thanks for sharing it :)

  8. Happy Fall Ruth...here I am again with another tea party.

  9. I love all your pretty fall decor and accents. Pretty cup and saucer which I think someone will love!

  10. The fall accent pieces around your home are lovely and welcome fall perfectly. I wouldn't have recognized the demitasse cup as Shelley. It's very unique. Hope your hubby is on the mend now. Have a wonderful week! ~ Phyllis

  11. Oh such pretties - I love the autumn decorating - and the tea cup - such a lovely time for tea. All those pumpkins are just lovely.

  12. Hi Ruth,
    What a different shaped Shelley teacup. I have never seen one like it before - so perfect for the fall season. Your fall decorating puts me in the mood to decorate too. Happy Tuesday Cuppa Tea and Thank you for hosting! Karen

  13. Very pretty cup Ruth and I love your wreath! Thanks for hosting!

  14. Happy Autumn, Ruth! Before it gets too cold for it, I'm going to have one more tea party in the gazebo. If I serve the lemon tart I linked, I'll use blue and white china.

  15. The colours of autumn are so lovely, your decorations look great. And i do love your teacup, something quite different I think.



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