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Sunday, June 14, 2015

Tuesday Cuppa Tea - Blossom Time, Royal Tara Ireland, Royal Things

Hello and welcome to Tuesday Cuppa Tea! This week's post is another mix of things...can't help it...this is a busy month!

My tea post today was prompted by the find of some lovely things from an estate....a wonderful teapot and some fabulous teacups...actually teacup trios...that I fell in love with! I am calling this my June Blossom tea!

 It's a simple tea as usual, in the sunroom...which this week we have been closing off because it has been really warm here...close to records ...I have pulled my Royal Doulton hand made Staffordshire posy out of the china cabinet that I bought one year at the pottery...made by the women who was demonstrating the hand made bone china flower making process that day...

I am also using on of mu favorite vintage cross stitched bridge cloths from my family, and my trusty african violet. I have had some emails and comments asking why I don't use real flowers, and the answer is...I'm allergic to them! I can't have any flowers or candles in the house or my asthma kicks up. I have an african violet and a hoya...that's it! Ah well...

The teapot is a large Royal Albert Blossom Time teapot from the 1950s, made in England. I LOVE landscape designs, and this is an orchard of blossoming cherry trees...you can almost here the buzzing bees....

Looks like a perfect place for a picnic for most folks...unless you're allergic like me! Lol!

This mark was used from 1947 until 1961, when the mark was changed, so it's easy to date. The teapot looks like it's never been used! Cool!

The teacup and saucer, is really a teacup trio...and was made by Royal Tara, Ireland. The company started in 1953 in Galway, closed for a bit at the end of 2003 and then reopened in the 1990s and is still in production. But you don't see a lot of regular tea wares....mostly gift items and souvenirs...their website with map is:

This set has the early mark, so early in production. The thing that's nice about this set, is it's almost a big breakfast size, as it holds 9-10 ounces...that's a big cuppa tea! I love the pretty pattern, but then I love blue and pink. For more info at Antiques And Teacups, click on the photos...

I don't know if you noticed, but the only treats this week are Princess Cruises "pillow" chocolates...they are left on your pillow when the bed is turned down each night. I was going to make something, but we had unexpected company, so....On to Royal news....April 21, 1926 is Queen Elizabeth's actual birthday...she will is 89...but as usual her official birthday is celebrated on June 20th, there will be the Trooping of the Colours on Saturday, June 20th in her honour...

The queen used to always attend on horseback...here she is in 1989 on her horse Burmese...

But now she attends in a carriage. The Queen's Guards, the 5 brigades of guards that take turns guarding the queen...including my husband's regiment the Coldstream Guards...will pass in review before her. Last year Prince William, Duke of Cambridge rode with other royal in the parade...below

This year Prince William was thought to not be attending, as he and Catherine have at the country home Anmer Hall by Sandgringham, where they are on break with their new baby Princess Charlotte and Prince George...

But both he and Catherine attended the birthday ceremonies, and Prince George was on the balcony in his father's arms...here is a video of some of the festivities...

And June 21, 1982 is William's birthday too...he will be 33....

So a celebratory week in the UK...we were in London one year for the official Queen's birthday...very festive!!!

My husband is fully recovered, and it's a good thing...as we have visitors coming again and then have a bit of a jaunt planned, but more about that later. So...I may be tardy in reply to your links and posts to Tuesday Cuppa Tea...life may be a bit hectic around here...but thanks for joining me for a cuppa and a natter....

Below is the list of some of the blog parties I will be part of and there is the linky for your tea related posts...please remember that it is SSSLLLOOOOOOWWWW but if you are patient...it's there! And I love to read your comments, and can find you to visit!


  1. Hi Ruth, Glad to hear your husband is doing well and the two of you are busy with activities. Thank you for including the video of the Queen's birthday. I had only seen photos of the royal family on the balcony in magazines. Prince George is so cute! That is good news the Royal Tara is still in production. I have their Celtic coasters. Just love the Blossom Time teapot! Such an amazing RA pattern. Thanks for sharing and have a great week. ~Nora

  2. Hi Ruth,
    How nice that you have the posy that was made during your visit! What a sweet memento that is! Your Blossom Time teapot is so pretty and so is your newly acquired trio. They all look pretty on your vintage cloth for tea time today. Thank you for hosting your lovely party.

  3. Hello Ruth,
    LOVE your RA Blossom Time teapot! I would love to find one to go with my teacup trio. Those apple blossoms are exquisite and the pattern is from a real apple orchard in Nova Scotia, Canada where my father was born. The queen looks wonderful dressed in the royal blue and her great-grandchildren are simply darling, aren't they? Happy Birthday to Prince William too! Thanks for hosting.


  4. Hi Ruth,
    I just adore your new Royal Albert Blossom Time Tea pot. What a lucky find! I have a teacup and tea plate and cream and sugar in the Blossom Time pattern and would love to have found the matching teapot I am curious is about the price it would be at an Estate Sale. Your tea setting is so pretty! Happy Tea Day and thank you for hosting. Take care, Karen

  5. Hi Ruth!

    I'm glad to hear that your hubby is fully recovered. You found some wonderful treasures at the estate sale. The RA teapot is beautiful! It's always a bonus when the secondhand item turns out to be unused (and was just sitting in a curio cabinet for years!)!

  6. Love the RA teapot! My daughter has a number of tea things in that pattern, but not the teapot.
    The Queen really looks wonderful, and has such a twinkly smile. Those great-grandchildren are very sweet.

  7. Thank you so much sweet Ruth for having us for tea.
    Have a lovely week.

  8. Dear Ruth, What great estate sale finds! Loved your post today. When I watched the video I knew exactly where it was taking place since I was just there. Made me get a lump in my throat when they played the British Anthem - God Save the Queen. So glad your hubby is well again. Have a fun time with your company!

  9. LOVE the sunroom tea set up. Thanks for hosting.

  10. The Blossoms tea pot is super gorgeous! I love it and yes, I would love to have a picnic under the those tress. Im sorry that you are allergic... Thanks for the news on the royal family. And Im glad that your husband is feeling much better. I enjoyed reading your post today :-)

  11. My! That certainly is a large teacup--I daresay your tea would get cold quickly in that. But, love the delicate flowers. And, yes--I'm a fan of the landscapes, too. Love the tree blossoms on that pot. Happy Birthday, Your Majesty--so grand to see her well and carrying on tradition. God save the Queen!

  12. Aren't the Prince and Princess adorable! Thanks for hosting!

  13. I am so glad your husband is doing well. Always a pleasure to visit and learn. Have a great week. Hugs, Martha

  14. Ruth, I just love looking at your tea things. My post this week isn't related to tea (it's Chicken Chowder) so I'm not linking. Yesterday I went through a cabinet to see what I could part with and donate or give to a friend. Came across some lovely things crocheted by my grandmother. Maybe I can work them into my next tea photo.


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