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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Calling Bird Lovers---what is this???

I was prompted by my blogging friend Judith's post on her Lavender Cottage blog about some owls she photographed, to see if any of you birders know what this is....

This little guy showed up in the yard last week, but I don't know what it is. The photo was through a window...he was about the size of a Robin, but with that distinct gold color. We've never seen one before in the yard, but couldn't identify it...any one know???? W

We are in Sequim, Washington, on the Olympic Peninsula if that helps....


  1. I hope you find out! Very sweet.

  2. Ruth, it is a Varied Thrush. Its usual habitat is moist coniferous woods and it lives in Canada all the way up to AK in the summer. Its winter range is mainly northern CA but perhaps WA and OR as well. Thanks for the puzzle. I enjoyed researching it. Beautiful bird!!!

  3. Not sure Ruth since you can get different birds in your location. If all else fails, follow my link to Eileen and ask her if she'll come over to have a look. She's a very nice gal and serious birder.

  4. Hi Ruth,
    I do believe your little visitor is a Varied Thrush just as Beth has said. I keep hoping I will see one at our feeder. He is a pretty birdie.

  5. I was just about to say, "Ask Judith!"


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