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Thursday, January 22, 2015

News Flash! I be HOME!

I just wanted to say...I'm back after a break to recover from the Christmas season...the busiest on our 4 websites that augment our social security...that had the added stress of 2 months of heart issues for my husband as well as the normal Christmas stress....

I am so happy to report everything is balanced now with his medications for his heart, Thyroid and Parkinson's Disease, all of which have side effects affecting the other so that balance is even more of a challenge than usual. So...we took a break.

We visited friends in Southern California for a bit of warmth, and got an email for a Mexico cruise, last minute, for a price we could not believe! Cruises are our favorite vacations...if I can find a deal. And this was incredible! The Crown Princess on a 10 day Mexico cruise for what usually a 3 day goes for. John rests, I rest...none...or at least not much internet, I put the business on hold and relax with nothing to do BUT relax. We do a lot of napping, walking the decks and read...oh, and of course a Seahawk game or 2 for my Honey this time. 

We didn't even go off the ship...this is Cabo San Lucas...but being on the ship when everyone is on shore is so peaceful and uncrowded...just what we needed!

I just want to thank everyone for their prayers, thoughts, emails and comments...God bless you, my friends! Now it's back to work...have to call an Endocrinologist and make my Honey an appointment tomorrow....We are indeed so blessed!


  1. So glad your husband's health is improving and you were able to take a wonderfully relaxing cruise. I am somewhat new to your blog and have enjoyed your featured tea cups. Best wishes for continued good health!

  2. Welcome back Ruth! You sound so refreshed and upbeat so it must have been a wonderful vacation. I'm happy for you both, that you got away and enjoyed a cruise. Blessings.

  3. Hi Nora and thanks for your sweet comment. So nice to be back and getting to know new friends!

  4. That was just what you and your hubby needed, Ruth, with rest and relaxation. Welcome back and I will continue prayers for your sweetie.

  5. Blessings for continued good health! May 2015 be filled with stress-free prosperity and relaxation.

  6. Glad your hubby is better Ruth, the R and R and fresh air on the cruise ship would have been a great tonic for both of you.

  7. Welcome back, Ruth. Glad to hear that you had a wonderful vacation and that your husband is doing well. Thanks for the comments. I look forward to more Tuesday Cuppa Teas!

  8. I am so happy you and your hubby enjoyed wonderful, relaxing, and refreshing travel together.

  9. So happy you were able to get away for a bit to relax and I'm very happy to hear that your dear hubby is feeling better! Welcome back, Ruth, and I hope all continues to go well in your household.


  10. Sounds like "just what the doctor ordered," and I'm impressed that you got the cruise for a bargain to boot! But of course the best news is that your husband is doing well!


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