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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Tuesday Cuppa Tea, English Robins, Emma Bridgewater Mugs, William and Kate in US

Hello and welcome to Tuesday Cuppa Tea. It has been a tough week, as my husband has had some heart issues and is now wearing a heart monitor for 2 weeks. I am a bit behind on my blog planning so this will be pretty simple. But God is Good, and we are in His hands!

My teacup for Tuesday Cuppa Tea is actually a mug, because my honey had gotten me an "Open Early For Christmas" gift...2 mugs from Emma Bridgewater in England, both with an English Robin theme...a favorite of mine!

The mug on the left is part of Emma Bridgewater's Birds line, and the other is one of their 2014 Christmas designs with the robin in a snowstorm surrounded by a wreath.  

I just love the cheeky little guys and already have a Dunoon, England Christmas mug as well...

So I guess I now have a flock!!!!

Emma Bridgewater has been a favorite since the late 1980s when I discovered her through an early Victoria magazine article. The next year we visited her small pottery in Stoke-on-Trent, and became fast fans..and stocked her mugs in the antiques and tea bricks and mortar store we had. I had another reason besides her fine craftsmanship....

Some of you already know, if you've followed my blog, that my grandmother was named Emma Bridgewater, and lived in Leicestershire, not far from Staffordshire where the potter Emma is from. Nana, as we called her, is responsible for my love of teacups and Victoriana and started me collecting by giveing me her teapot and teacups when I was 16. So...another reason to love the potter Emma...she has a great name!  And Emma was in the news last week....

Because on 11/26 Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and patroness of the East Anglia Children's Hospice visited the Stoke pottery to see the 2 designs Emma Bridgewater had created as fund raisers for the charity....That's Emma on the left...

Pretty cute! Love the ladybugs. And speaking of the Duchess of Cambridge, she and Prince William arrived tonight in New York for a packed 2 day visit to New York and Washington DC...

Press photo, arriving at the Carlyle Hotel in New York...So...that's a bit of royal news for you if you didn't already know.

The welcome board that I made in 1980 is up inside my door, and the wreath from 1992 is on the door, so Christmas is said to be officially welcomed. Haven't gotten a lot more done with a bunch of cardiologist, pharmacy and internist appointments, but we are taking one day at a time!

I had hoped to share a Christmas recipe today, but...how about one of our favorite English cookies with your tea today???

Thes come from England and are oaty biscuits with a thick dark chocolate layer...wonderful! I did make Madeleines last week and had some left, so here is one with my Murchie's Christmas Tea in my Spode Christmas Tree cup for afternoon tea.

So...thanks for joining me.Hope your holiday preparations are doing well and that you have enjoyed having tea with me today at Tuesday Cuppa Tea. The Linky is below for your tea related posts and a short list of a few of the blog parties I hope to be able to join. Remember the Linky is SSLLOOOOOOWWW so please be patient!


  1. I adore the Legend of the Robin Redbreast and love anything with them I recently found several great plates and kept one for myself. Such a lovely and friendly bird. I will be praying for your husband and also for you as this would be very stressful. God Bless!

  2. Dear Ruth, Praying for God's healing touch on your husband, and strength for you. Enjoyed your Emma Bridgewater post today. I've been following William and Kate's visit to NYC.

  3. Oh Ruth, what a sweetheart your dear hubby is to gift you with two Emma Bridgewater mugs to enjoy this season. Your tea today is lovely with your Spode tea cup and a cookie treat. Prayers are with you and your hubby. Thank you for hosting, even with all that you have going on.

  4. I hope and pray your husband will recover fully. Love your mugs! So pretty. It was neat hearing how you became a teacup collector. My grandmother collected them as well and I have several of hers that I treasure.

  5. Ruth, I absolutely love your mugs with the robin motif on them! The English robin is so adorable compared to ours in North America. That is one thing my English uncle says he really misses about England is the robins. He too is a bird watcher.

    I am so sorry to hear about your hubby's health issues. I will pray for him and for you, my friend. May Christmas be a happy and healthy one for you both! Do take care.

    Blessings & hugs,

  6. So nice to have an early-open Christmas present from your husband. The robins are so cute. And the picture of your grandmother is a treasure! My grandmother gave me a love of china, too.
    I will pray for your dear husband. Take care of each other! xo Deborah

  7. What a wonderful post today!...I loved the part about you grandmother's name!

  8. I wouldn't mind a flock of robins like you have on your mugs Ruth, all are adorable.
    I hope your husband's health improves so that you have a wonderful Christmas together.
    Thanks for hosting.

  9. I love that pottery! If I ever get to England I will get some! That teapot Katherine is holding is huge! Such a great pattern too! Thanks for hosting!

  10. Hi Ruth,
    I love your flock of Christmas birdy mugs. My hubby's name is Robin so that would be a perfect one for him. Lol. I will be praying for your hubby. This is so stressful for you at Christmas Time. He is indeed a "Honey" to have gotten you those beautiful Emma Bridgewater mugs for an early Christmas present. Thank you for hosting Tuesday Cuppa Tea! Take care, Karen.

  11. Those mugs with the robins are adorable. Your English robins are cuter than the American ones I think. :) I saw Prince William and Kate on the news tonight. I don't know how they do so much in such a short time. It must be very tiring. I hope your husband will be feeling much better and they find out the cause of his distress. Blessings, Pam

  12. Great minds think alike on teacups this week! I really like your flock of mugs--the robins are really pretty on each one. I can see your draw to the designer ;). I saw Prince William and Kate while I was watching the news, it seems like they are really getting around. My thoughts are with you and your husband.

  13. Such adorable mugs..I love cheery little robins... and hope that they will wing your hubby back to health... Love the teapot that Kate is holding ..It must be a tea party pot( ha ha) and the info on " Emma" is so enlightening...thank you for sharing.... Sending healing prayers your way...Hugs

  14. Oh the mugs are so very pretty Ruth. I guess I need to pay more attention to mugs as your's are inviting. Have a good week.

  15. Hello Ruth,
    It is lovely to visit you for tea today. Your bird mugs really are wonderful. I am sorry to hear about your hubby's heart issues. I do so hope that it all goes well, and he feels much better soon.
    It is interesting to hear about your grandmother and how she introduced you to tea. Her picture is adorable.
    I am wishing you a wonderful holiday season.

  16. I enjoyed your post so much today Ruth....lovely photos and I loved hearing about your grandmother...hugs...

  17. Hi Ruth: Love the bird mugs. I will be praying for your husband. I do hope he gets well quickly. Sending a hug your way! Martha

  18. Dear Ruth, I am sorry to learn about your husband's heart concerns. I am adding you both to my prayers right now!

    Love your post - as always - learning more and more! I think it is neat about your Grandmother's name, and it is neat to know how you developed your love of All Things Tea! I laughed out loud at how HUGE the teapot is that Duchess Catherine is holding!

    One of my dearest tea society sister's (whom I mention often in my tea party posts from Indianapolis) son works in Manhattan - and sent his mom a cell phone pic of the royal couple on the streets of NY. I was thrilled to see it. : - ) I hope they enjoy their trip. Glad we've had mild weather so far, makes travelling so much easier.

  19. Ruth, I do love those bird mugs. We do alot of bird watching here so always appreciate a pretty picture. I shall have to be on the lookout for the mugs.

  20. Such cheery mugs! I love bird motifs at Christmastime! I am a fan of the royal couple too, and enjoyed the pics. Happy teatime!

  21. Love all your mugs, Ruth! I have the paper napkins in the Dunoon pattern. So pretty! I enjoyed your tea time and thank you for hosting!


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