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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Tuesday Cuppa Tea, Antique Staffordshire Teacup Trio, Jane Austen Bits

Hello and welcome to another edition of Tuesday Cuppa tea, for a last week in September. I love this photo from the Dallas Arboretum that decorated using 65,000 pumpkins and gourds...now THAT'S decorating....

My simple wreath, fabric pumpkins and a fall colors leaf garland seems a bit tame after that!  But on to Tuesday Cuppa Tea and my choice today. 

As you have probably noticed if you follow my blog and meme, I tend to choose by what I'm sharing and this is no different.

My post today references a lot of Jane Austen things, so I tried to find a cup and saucer that I had that Jane Austen might have used. I did find this teacup trio that dates to either the Regency period which was 1811-1820, or shortly after but definitely before 1839, when English china was required to have a British Registry mark...sort of a kite shape with coded number and letter information in the corners...relating to month, day, date and class of china.  This teacup trio has only a pattern number, which was quite usual for items of this date.

The requirement to mark English china with the maker's name didn't come in until 1891, and before that, most potters didn't.  These pieces are generally referred to as Antique Staffordshire unless you can figure out the maker by knowing shapes or patterns. This is very well made china. The set does have kiln dust...black specks...from the firing process, which is pretty normal for the older designs.  This design was transfer printed then hand colored. This teacup trio is available at Antiques And Teacups, just click on the photos for more info.

I also remembered this single cup I had that is actually from the Chawton area in England where Jane Austen lived, and dates to just before or during her lifetime. The material of this teacup trio is soft paste porcelain, different from later bone china and ironstone. It was considered the bone china of it's day because it could be pretty delicately molded and shaped and was a stunning advancement in china development.

You can see that this was made by a smaller pottery. The design is all hand painted and very simple. Can you see the difference in the foot ring above? Look at the one of the teacup above...this foot ring is slightly pinker which is because it is of a different material. This cup...I only found the cup, not the saucer, dates to 1800-1820. I love it!

According to the Jane Austen Center in Bath, England, this is thought to be an undocumented portrait of Jane Austen. To read why the owners think so, click the portrait to read the story from the Rice family. Lovely to think so!

I told you this is lots of bits about Jane Austen. The 200th anniversary of the publishing of her books started a few years ago with Pride and Prejudice and Sense And Sensibility last year, and Mansfield Part just recently. At the Jane Austen Society annual meeting in Bath, England on Sept. 13th, the Guinness Book Of Records mark was broken of the biggest group in period costume...550 to be exact. Here is the group gathered at the Pump Room, a place Jane Austen knew well...

Also of note in the Jane Austen history, one of only 3 items known to have been owned by Jane Austen was sold at auction in 2013 to American singer Kelly Clarkson for 152,450 pounds. But there was such an uproar, that the sale was frozen and the Jane Austen devotees given until last Dec. to raise the funds to keep it in the UK. Apparently the money was raised and the ring will remain in the UK at the Jane Austen House Museum in Chawton, England. For the story of the purchase, click HERE.

Lastly, I have a related book review. There have been hundreds of Jane Austen novel spin offs, of varying success, over the years. But I got this one on Kindle recently Expectations by Frances Murray   which was really enjoyable. It was a pleasure to encounter familiar Pride And Prejudice characters in this novel dating to after Elizabeth and Darcy's marriage. The dialogue was deft, the characters extremely well done and I loved it. Mr. Collins is just as ...well...you know....and as for Lady Catherine, well"I knew how it would be..."

So that's it for this week's Tuesday Cuppa Tea! I  have the list of some of the blogs I am joining, and the linky for your tea related post. Remember, it is SSSLLLOOOOOOWWW but does work. Please be patient! I love to hear from you! Have a wonderful tail end of September.


  1. Good morning Ruth,
    That is quite a display of pumpkins! Love your trio! It is quite unique and very attractive. Your Jane Austen info was wonderful reading. Thanks so much for sharing and for joining me for tea. Have a lovely week.


  2. I've been to the Dallas Arboretum in the Fall, Ruth, and it is just spectacular!! Your teacups are just lovely, as always, and your information on Jane Austen was very interesting. Thanks so much for hosting your wonderful party.

  3. So much good stuff in this post. What an amazing group of pumpkins! Your teacups are beautiful; really wonderful to have such old pieces. And I'm so glad that ring was able to stay in England.
    Thank you for hosting Ruth.

  4. Ruth, You always have the best posts! I loved reading all the info on Jane Austen and the teacups are exquisite!

  5. Hi Ruth,
    You always share such interesting information and the Jane Austen like teacup trio is so very pretty! Thank you for hosting Tuesday Cuppa Tea! Happy Tea Day! Karen

  6. As a huge fan of Jane Austin, i thoroughly enjoyed your post today.

  7. Beautiful trio and teacup that Jane Austen might have used. So nice to be reminded of her on Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  8. Oh my Ruth, such beautiful teacup. I love your post about Jane Austen and you transport us to that time and makes us feel we are having tea with her.
    Thank you for the lovely tea party.
    Have a great week.

  9. The Dallas Arboretum is about 2 hours away from me and it really is a beautiful sight this time of year. They have teas certain times of year there at the DeGoyer house that sound wonderful. This time of year they usually have a Harvest Tea.
    The teacups from Jane Austen's time are lovely. I'm always interested in anything about her. And I am so HAPPY that her ring is staying in England. That's where it truly belongs. I can't believe that they came so close to losing it!

  10. Well it took me all day but I finally got here Ruth. I was sooooo late for work today after being out of town. Your posting is very interesting as always and that is such a goreous trio!!!

  11. Love that first cup! It is stunning. I have never seen one like this. Have a great week!
    Blessings, Martha

  12. Hi Ruth! You immediately caught my attention when you first mentioned Jane Austen! Thanks for a bit of history on the pretty date appropriate china you shared. It's amazing how old they are and that they still survived! I'm really impressed if I find something that is 100 years old, much less 200! I hope you have a great week :)

  13. What enchanting tea cups Ruth! A day with Jane Austin is always a good day.

  14. I forgot to mention I was reading Persuasion during my Tea Cup Tuesday tea time!

  15. Hello Ruth
    I just love the pumpkin display at the arboretum. The ruffled teacup trio is pretty and yes, I can imagine Jane sipping tea from it.
    Thank you for hosting your weekly tea gathering.

  16. Hello Ruth
    What a delightful Jane Austen inspired post and I'm delighted to join you today for tea!
    Your elegant teacup is very much what would have been used in Jane's era.
    A very sweet pattern.
    Thank you for hosting and all your well researched information - I love anything Jane Austen too!


  17. Love the Regency cup. Thank you for sharing your knowledge on its age and the English marks. Thank you for hosting this Tuesday's tea.

  18. Good Afternoon Ruth, I really enjoyed your post and I love your Regency cup and saucer, it is really beautiful.
    What a wonderful sight, I have never seen so many pumpkins. Living in England, we do not see displays like that. I remember when I visited Atlanta a number years ago, I was fascinated to see so many pumpkins on display.
    I have really enjoyed my visit Ruth, so I have become a new follower.
    Enjoy your day.
    Best wishes

  19. OMG Ruth .. Just when I thought I had seen lots of pumpkins.( Ha Ha) ..What a beautiful display ... Your Regency Trio .. is simply gorgeous..I love the scalloped edges.. and of course I'm a fan of Jane Austen so the added information was delightful...Thanks so much for sharing...Hugs

  20. What a wild pumpkin scene! Love the information as well as the photos. You never disappoint. Each week your posts are tightly written, and well laid out. You know, I never thought "What would Jane have been drinking tea FROM?" What is wrong with me?! Have a blessed week.

  21. Beautiful post, Ruth - love the teacup - I'm going to check out the story of the sale and the book - I will be featuring your post in this week's A Return to Loveliness,

  22. Be still my heart! I love to read "bits" about Jane Austen. And your teacups are especially beautiful. Awesome pumpkin display as well! Thanks for your lovely blog, Ruth! Be blessed, Bess

  23. Always a fan of the great Miss Austen, and I love that gorgeous trio you shared!

  24. Hi Ruth, you chose a perfect cup! I really enjoyed reading more about Jane Austen. That first photo of all of the pumpkins is amazing! Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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