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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Tuesday Cuppa Tea Canadian Provincial Flowers Teacup Remembering Rocky Mountaineer Train Journey Pt 1

Hello and welcome to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!  Summer has finally arrived in the Pacific Northwest...high 70s and low 80s al week. Not warm to some of you, but it is for us! I love around 80 and melt at higher temps, so this is lovely!

My teacup has a Canadian theme this week, because as I was going though some old photos I realized this week is the anniversary of a trip we took a few years ago to celebrate...a bit later than the June 29th date...a landmark birthday for my husband. We traveled from Vancouver to Banff & Lake Louise and back on the Rocky Mountain Railway. But more about that later in the post....

My teacup and saucer is by Royal Albert, England in a design called Our Emblems Dear and features the provincial flowers of Canada...

The design is so pretty with pink ribbons threading through the flowers. The cup and saucer was made in the 1970s and I picked it up in Vancouver as a souvenir.   So very pretty! The gold trim is a great accent! Red Rose tea anyone???

We stayed a few days in Vancouver, BC with friends...a favorite city. This is the main part of the city from False Creek...

And this, of course, is Canada Place cruise ship terminal. And although we have done cruises from here, that's not why we were in the city this time.  

Early in the morning, we arrived at the Vancouver VIA Rail terminal to board the Rocky Mountaineer train for an 8 day trip...this post focuses on the train itself, and part 2 will be some of the places we visited.

This is the map of where we were going...from their website...

We boarded the train and were served breakfast...having to be on at 7am the first morning...

Some of the folks were dressed up, be we were as usual in jeans & fleece...

We were in Gold Class which was a splurge, but included the dome car and meals in the dining room, so it was lovely!

We were given little gold maple leaf pins.   We only traveled during the day because the Canadian scenery was fabulous, and stayed overnight in hotels. Our only criticism not being early risers, was that you had to be back onboard each morning at 6:30 to 7am in the morning, which is too early for us. We got a wonderful breakfast, but it was a struggle.

And we even saw some of the native moose population from the train...

So that is the beginning of our Rocky Mountaineer train adventure. Thanks for your visit!   

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  1. Ruth, you certainly do enjoy some wonderful adventures. The teacup is lovely. My mother once had a bedspread with all the Canadian flowers on it. Your teacup reminds me of it. A lovely post for tea and thank you for sharing and joining me for tea. Have a wonderful Summer!


  2. I love the teacup with the provincial emblems, a charming souvenir to have of our country. The train trip sounds wonderful, I'd be OK as I'm an early riser and paying the extra for Gold Class sounds worth it. And, red carpet boarding!
    I'm looking forward to more about this trip Ruth as we've discussed the VIA rail run that goes out west from Ontario.

  3. two things on my bucket list... that train ride and a visit to Vancouver.... someday...

  4. Hi Ruth,
    Your trip to Vancouver sounds wonderful. I live so close and don't visit the tour attractions enough. Your Royal Albert teacup is so lovely and I have never seen that one either. You have such a rare and beautiful collection of teacups. Thank you for hosting Tuesday Cuppa Tea. Hope you have a wonderful week, Karen!

  5. Your Rocky Mountain Railway trip sounds like a fabulous experience. God has created so many sights for us to enjoy. Lovely teacup too! ~ Phyllis

  6. The Royal Albert teacups is gorgeous...arten't they all? Vancouver looks great and that train, wow! I love to dress up and go on things like this, it's different!
    Thank you for the lovely party. Have a good week.

  7. OMGoodness! An autumn train trip in Canada is one thing Hubby and I agree we need to do. I cannot wait to share this with him!

  8. Hi Ruth,
    I would so love taking the Rocky Mountaineer train trip! I know the scenery must be fabulous and I wouldn't mind waking, as I'm an early riser.
    Thank you for hosting your party and have a wonderful week.

  9. I have no post to link this week, but enjoyed seeing yours! the teacup is very special; I love the flag inside. And oh, would I love to take that train trip. sounds fabulous!

  10. Wow, what a wonderful trip! I hadn't considered a train trip through Canada--but what a wonderful way to see the scenery! That Gold class looks fannnncy! Thanks for sharing and for hosting the party :)

  11. What a fantastic train ride! Thanks for hosting!

  12. Such a pretty teacup! Love all the different flowers on it. Your train trip sounds like a dream. I'm not a morning person either, but do wake up early when on a trip because I am so excited! I am anxious to hear about the trip next week! Thank you for hosting!
    Hugs, Nancy

  13. You have such an adventure filled life. How very wonderful. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  14. The teacups are so pretty and I would to visit this beautiful place! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  15. What a wonderful trip, and of course you picked the perfect souvenir to bring home with you!

  16. so glad for your train adventures into Canada's Rockies !
    I hear you on the early rising - not a good move for this gal either =)
    but the beauty is worth seeing for sure [ and a lovely teacup treat to takeaway!]
    thanks for sharing - afternoon cafes up for this week's Taste of Paris -
    hoping you will join me...


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