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Monday, May 26, 2014

I'm Back For Tuesday Cuppa Tea Memorial Day Edition

Hello my dear friends! Happy Memorial Day to you all, and may you take time for prayers for those who are serving and providing us with our many freedoms...

 I have missed you all! If you saw from my last post last month, my daughter-in-law was having major surgery in a rapid turn of events. We had also had a vacation & buying trip planned, so not knowing if we would be cancelling that, off we went...a bit frazzled. I forgot to take my passwords so was unable to respond to your wonderful comments.

The good news is that the surgery was successful...a hysterectomy...except for a bladder puncture...sigh...no surprise as she is so tiny! Our son had some family leave as well from his company and with family around she has really done well and is well on the road, albeit slow road to recovery. Thanks so much for all your prayers!   So we went on our trip, but I got back a week ago with allergies...very bad this year...that had ramped into a sinus infection & bronchitis, so yesterday was the first day the antibiotics finally helped me to feel human! So...back to life...

This week, I am sharing...what a surprise! A Shelley China, England Primrose Chintz cup and saucer in the Henley shape...

I acquired a collection of Shelley China recently, and this is a favorite with the blue and pink and pale yellow cup interior. The pink trim is a variation...sometimes the shapes have gold trim in this pattern....

The pattern number is 13587 and the set was made most of the time during the 1940-1966 period before the pottery closed. Shelley made some amazing chintz patterns. I just love them!

So many of you have commented at the various shapes...not recognizing teacups as Shelley, and that's because they actually made about 80 different shapes. So there is always a surprise. I have been collecting Shelley for 25 years, and something I have never seen is always turning up. That's the fun of collecting, isn't it???

On our way home from our trip last weekend, we spent the weekend in Victoria, BC at the Hotel Grand Pacific

The hotel is across the Inner Harbour from the Fairmont Empress Hotel, really the symbol of Victoria, but we like staying at the Hotel Grand Pacific better...sacrilege, I know....

It was a wild weekend in Victoria...the 151st Victoria Highland Games at a local ark...always fun....

With bagpipes, dancers and competitions. Last year Prince Andrew was on hand for the 150th celebration...

And then on Monday, Victoria Day in Canada, was the annual Victoria Day Parade....

It is one of 2 big Victoria parades, the other being the Christmas Lights parade in December...

Always my favorite...the Victoria Fire Brigade original horse drawn pumper...

The Victoria Day celebrations are in honour of the birthday on May 24th, of Queen Victoria, in case you didn't know...

Then it was home on the Coho Black Ball Ferry Line car ferry. We had a great time...but sorry to have returned ill. But...life is back to normal. I look forward to visiting you all and will be able to respond to comments! My apologies for not responding to the last post.  

Here is the linky for you tea related posts. Have a wonderful Memorial Day, and our sincere thanks to those that have served and given so much for our freedoms.


  1. Hi Ruth,
    What an adventure you've had! I have never been to Victoria. My son was going to take us the last time we visited him in Vancouver but we ran out of time. Your Shelley is so pretty. I love the delicate colours! I had no idea idea they produced so many shapes; interesting. Thank you for stopping by for tea and enjoy your day. Happy to hear your DIL is recovering well too!


  2. Sorry to hear about family troubles but glad things are back to normal. I would enjoy seeing some Highland games! Glad you got to before you had to come home.

  3. A very pretty tea cup. I long to go to Victoria.

  4. Good to see you back Ruth and perhaps now your life can take on the routine that keeps a person sane. Looks like a great vacation full of adventurous things to see. Having a H. is major surgery and I hope your DIL can take her time recuperating.
    Beautiful teacup!

  5. Welcome home, Ruth, and a Happy Memorial Day to you and your family!

  6. Welcome back Ruth! It's good to see you blogging again after your trip and all. Have a great week and I hope you are feeling better with the allergies. Pam

  7. Hi Ruth
    I adore your Shelley Primrose Chintz teacup. The pale pink trim is so exquisite. Victoria is a wonderful place to be. I would love to go there again. I am happy that you are back blogging.
    Thank you for hosting today. Have a great week! Karen

  8. I love learning about the many teacups....... I've just starting collecting and I'm glad to visit you often!!! Beverlys Wishing Well blogspot

  9. Pretty teacup! Thanks for hosting!

  10. Hi Ruth, welcome back. Wonderful informative post! : - )

    Thank you for hosting. Nice to be back in teatime mode, too. : - )

  11. Hi Ruth,
    Welcome home and I'm so happy your DIL's surgery went well. I love your pretty Shelley teacup that you've shared today. My late beloved hubby and I visited Victoria on a stopover on our Alaskan cruise and visited the Butchart Gardens.
    Thank you for hosting.

  12. Welcome back Ruth and what a lovely posting. Glad your daughter in law is doing better. Looks like you had a nice trip too but hope you get extra rest to feel better!

  13. Ruth, thank you for stopping by my new blog, Magnolia Cottage, today. It's such a joy meeting other teacup-minded ladies.

    I hope your daughter-in-law will be back to radiant good health in record time...and without any complications.

    Your Shelley teacup is beautiful. I spy Shelleys in antique shops all the time, but they are always so expensive...never in my budget. They seem to be the most expensive of all teacups. Maybe one day one of them will grace my collection.


  14. Hi Ruth: Welcome back. I am so glad your daughter in law is alright. PTL! You were missed. Looks like you had a wonderful time away. Your Aynsley is lovely. Blessings! Martha

  15. Welcome back! I hope your dil will be back to good health soon! Thanks for sharing a bit about your trip--it looks like a wonderful time. As usual, you posted a lovely teacup! Shelley chintz in yellows and blue--wonderful!

  16. So glad your back! Wonderful tea! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,


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