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Monday, October 21, 2013

Tuesday Cuppa Tea with Copeland Florence and Nourish

Hi there my dear blogging friends...and thanks for joining me for Tuesday Cuppa Tea!  

This post is a bit late, and if it is short on text...and maybe sense, I don't know...it's because I have been out of commission for 2 days with a sinus headache due to an inversion layer we have had here in the Pacific Northwest. Foggy and still beneath a stalwart marine layer and sunny and warm up a few feet. But it traps pollution, and my sinuses have been a mess, even with extra antihistamines, etc.  It's supposed to lift today, and we are heading for the coast itself 2 miles away for the day hoping to get some relief! 

My cup and saucer is a large, breakfast sized...for a headache I've been drinking LOTS of good, strong black tea the last few days, so big matters to me at the moment!

The pattern is called Florence...as in Italy...and was made by Copeland Spode, England in the 1930-1940s in creamware, which is a type of porcelain very popular with Wedgwood as well. One of my favorite potteries. I love the Renaissance design.

 If you have read my blog for long, you may know we were able to have a tour of the Copeland collection/museum not far from Falmouth, England and hosted by Lord Copeland a few years ago. Gorgeous stuff!  The design is in polychrome, or many colored, transferware and is hand colored on the brown transfer. I love the pattern! For more info on the teacup at Antiques And Teacups, click on the photos.

A year ago, we had a British couple transplant here to Sequim and take over a lavender farm and restaurant nearby. They turned it into an organic, locavore restaurant called Nourish.  We went to visit a few weeks ago....

There are 2 structures on the property...an old farmhouse that was and will continue to be living quarters at the top and farm shop, dance hall and classroom on the bottom floor; and a second building with a conservatory for the restaurant and lavender farm produce with gardens between as you can see. The lavender bushes have now had their haircuts and look like button mushroom tops at the moment...ready to sleep and gear up for next year's crop...

Inside the restaurant is what I would call in industrial space...I haven't eaten at a galvanized metal tabletop before...interesting!

Appetizer was local organic farm Nash's Organic bbq pork with lavender and organic greens and flower salad...

Then mu honey had Copper River salmon...which he said was the best he's ever had....

Our friend had a quiche and salad...very good...

And I had  beet Borsht and hummus and vegetables. The plate looks funny, because the hummus isn't there...they had a dairy based and a non dairy based and put the wrong think (I'm allergic to dairy) so it had to go back for an exchange, only I forgot to photograph it when it came back! Lovely!

I had lashings of tea and, replete, we wandered around in the garden and came home very happy campers!

I hope you enjoyed visiting with me for Tuesday Cuppa Tea. Below is the linky for your tea related posts and I love your comments! I will be late in visiting back...but will when I am feeling a bit better. Have a great week!

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  1. Hope you feel better soon, Ruth. The Florence teacup is lovely. Thank you for joining me for Tea Time and have a lovely day.


  2. First time joiner, thanks for hosting. My husband has been struggling with a sinus infection for two weeks ~hoping you are feeing better soon. Jennifer

  3. That is a pretty teacup! And I can relate to drinking extra black tea right now, as I am afflicted with my annual attack of fall allergies!

  4. First, let me say I like the Linky you use Ruth, very user friendly. There are colds going around here too and your large teacup with the scalloped rim will hold a good dose of tea for you.
    Lunch out was a colourful and tasty looking affair.

  5. I love your pretty large tea cup and I sure hope you feel better soon.

  6. Oh my friend I hope you are feeling better soon. That is a generous size teacup - sometimes that is what we need - lots of tea to help the body heal. Sounds like a fabulous little place that your friends have taken over/created. The food looks yummy and how wonderful to have lavender farm near by. Feel better , thank you for hosting, hugs and blessings, C. (HHL)

  7. What a beautiful teacup! What a fun eatery! Love the farm house! Hope you will feel better soon! Thanks for hosting!

  8. Your cup and saucer are beautiful, Ruth. The trip to Nourish looks like a really great place to eat. I enjoyed seeing it. Hope you are feeling better, Ruth.

  9. Oh what interesting food! I so enjoyed your post!

  10. Hello Ruth! Oh, dear! I hope you feel better soon. We have terrible, dusty, hot Santa Ana winds that make our allergies and sinuses miserable...feel your pain! Your teacup is gorgeous. The lavender farm looks delightful. Have a great week & thx for hosting :)

  11. Hello Ruth...I left a comment and hoped it went through! Lovely to visit and thanks for hosting. Feel better :)

  12. Hi Ruth - LOVE this post! I am sorry about your sinuses and would want to move were it me and the sir pressure of the area affected me so, but - WOW - you live in quite the idyllic wonderland from the posts you share here and on facebook! What a perfect restaurant and setting to enjoy a "get away from it all" day. Wonderful! And, yes - I'd be drinking from your Spode Florence cup, too - stunning!!!

  13. Thank you for this week's Tuesday Cuppa Tea, Ruth. The Copeland Spode teacup is lovely, and I enjoyed the photos of your restaurant visit.

  14. Love the tea cup - I have similar sinus/weather problems out here on the east coast. Hope you are 100% soon! Lovely plates of food. Very enjoyable post.

  15. Hello Ruth
    I love your Florence Copeland Spode breakfast cup and saucer - a beautiful pattern and colour too.
    I've been looking for a nice breakfast cup for a while - this one fits the bill - so now I have the name and I can search the internet!
    The lavender farm and restaurant look very nice too.

    Thank you for hosting your lovely party!

  16. I love going to Lavender farms. The scent is just fabulous! Your meal looks delicious and I like your large cup. My cup is large that I used for my witches tea. They were thrift finds that I bought for my open shelving in our basement kitchen. Worked well with my polka dots. Thanks for having us and I do hope you get feeling better soon! I hate sinus headaches!


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