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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tuesday Cuppa Tea, Ice And Bears, Oh MY!

Hello and welcome to Tuesday Cuppa Tea! A mixed bag today...teacups, glaciers and bears! The linky and the list of other blogs I am joining is at the bottom.

As this post is mostly Alaska, I chose an American made teacup today...Magnolia by Stangl, USA from the late 1950s.

I'm sure most of you know that I favor bone china, but this Stangl cup and saucer is so neat and colorful. The hand painted design is fun, and the pottery has a nice heft when you use it. Stangl is quite collectible, and is especially famous for their bird figurines. Stangl grew out of the Hill and Fulper potteries in New Jersey, and became Fulper/Stangl in 1926 when Martin Stangl, previously an artist with the firm, became president. He later bought out Fulper and changed the name to Stangl in 1955. In 1979, Pfaltzgraff bought them out and closed Stangl for good.  I love their retro, mid century colorful hand painted designs! For more info on the Stangl teacup at Antiques And Teacups, click on the photos.

Well, I promised I'd share a bit more about my holiday last month which included an Alaska cruise. One of the days we visited Hubbard Glacier, and a lot of folks from the south and mid west came just to freeze for a few hours, and coll down from the heat they had been experiencing. One Texan announced as we stood at the face of the glacier at 28 degrees, that it was 103 in Dallas.

Although the face of the glacier doesn't look that big in the photos, it was 200 feet high. We were nearly a mile away. This is a tidewater glacier, so named because it dumps into the ocean. Hubbard Glacier is actually advancing, not retreating. As you can see, we actually had a sunny day. Which has drawbacks, as the deep gorgeous blue of the compressed ice is actually bluer in clouds, as the sunlight bleaches it out, so to speak, before it reaches our eyes.

We have a friend who grew up in the town of Hoonah, Alaska by the tribe owned and run cruise port of Icy Strait, by Icy Strait Point. He was there waiting for us when we got off the tender and took us bear watching.

We drove about 15 miles out of the small settlement on old logging roads to Game Creek, where Chris had seen a bear earlier in the day. We got out of the car and walked onto the bridge above the river. Chris had his 44 side arm. The bear was about 150 yards downstream fishing for salmon and we watched him as he came towards us. He'd catch a fish, take just a bite & throw it away, then look for another. Chritold us it was a large male, 700 to 800 pounds, and very well fed, which was why he was just taking the best bite and tossing the rest. Just before he passed under the bridge, he looked up and saw us, then kept right on fishing and walking. It was wonderful!

This is the Celebrity Millennium at anchor, and one of the tenders that brought us to shore. Because the tribe owns the port, they strictly regulate the cruiselines. Only one ship a day is allowed in, and the tribe does all the businesses on land....no Diamonds Internationsl! WooHoo! It's about the most natural Alaska port there is...but I heard folks say...what a waste of time...nothing there. How sad!!!

Tidelands Bait & Tackle, Chris' family's business. He also does stream fishing tours/guiding.

Well that's about it for today. I have a ship dining experience to tell you about next week. Have a wonderful time visiting the other blogs below and have a great week! Please join Sandi for What's In Your Cabinet on Oct. 1st. Click on the logo below for that!

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  1. The glaciers really make the trip, don't they? Interesting to see the bear and that he'd only take a bite before discarding a fish, food for other wildlife at least.
    The retro teacup looks like it might be heavy, pretty pattern though.

  2. Ruth, I enjoyed reading about your trip to Alaska. Like your teacup today. It looks handpainted. Quite pretty!

  3. I would love to go on an Alaskan cruise! I know several people who have and their photos are fantastic. I think I'd enjoy it more than a Carribean cruise. Great pics of the bear!

  4. What a trip you had, Ruth! The glacier must have been fantastic to see up close and the bear too. Your teacup today is a cute one. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your day.


  5. Hello!

    What beautiful scenery! I have never been to Alaska, but my husband during his annual tours in the military has been there often.

    I am really looking forward to your post on your ship dining experience.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and the invitation to link up with you today.


  6. Love that US made teacup set- very "autumn" looking without being "over the top."

    Your cruise sounds wonderful-= just got back from one late Saturday...I cannot tell you how many folks we met loved their Alaskan cruises!

    We intend on doing one some day - had I not been so ill from pretty much march to August we definately would have done one with the unrelenting heat of this summer! Horrible heat!

    I love that Texan couple remarked they were chilly while back home was 103!! That's awesome.

    Those mountains and glaciers are incredible, I cannot imagine seeing that in real life. WOW.

  7. Ruth great choice in teacup! it is lovely. Your photos are brilliant!! and how wonderful to experience nature in its purest form. Your photos are making me consider an Alaskan cruise... wishing you a fabulous week ..Hugs, C. (HHL)

  8. One night I made the mistake of watching that documentary on Timothy Tredwell.....eaten by bears in Alaska. Sacred me to death! Glad they kept their distance!

  9. I have friends that live in Alaska and I still never tire of seeing the amazing pictures they send me! What a fun vacation! And a great Stangl cup. I have just a few pieces made by this company and really like them. Thank you for hosting and have a wonderful day!

  10. How neat to see a bear! Sounds like an enjoyable cruise! I like your Spangl pottery teacup. I like pottery as much as I like china...Christine

  11. Hi Ruth: Your trip sounds so fun. Everything always looks so clean and beautiful there. Love that Stangl cup. It is a great cup for Autumn. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  12. I love your Made in the US pottery! I didn't know Pfaltzgraff bought them out! How interesting! And your Alaskan trip is amazing. I believe you when you say those glaciers are huge! It is hard to tell in the photos. The bear though...really scares me! I have always been frightened by bears. Silly me! Actually, almost met up with a bear while snow shoeing once, thought it was going to be my last day on earth! Luckily I got away : )
    Anyways, your trip looks so wonderful. I am glad you had such a fine time.

  13. Stangl is quite different for you, wow!

  14. Thanks Ruth for this spectacular tea!
    These are images I surely can't find in my country... or even in neighbour countries!
    It must have been quite an experience!
    And your pottery cup is lovely to share with us for tea!
    Have a great week!

  15. What a wonderful [and adventurous] Alaskan trip! Enjoyed reading today's post.

  16. Dear Ruth .. I, too, prefer china cups and saucers, but indulge in a variety of handmade set like yours for the sheer pleasure of their artistic shapes and colours...

    It's so wonderful have sets made in the various countries...We sometimes forget that china is also created worldwide( ha ha)...not just England ( Hee Hee)

    I'm loving your cruise pictures... What an experience...How lucky to see the bear on the water's edge...Thanks for sharing...Hugs

  17. I love china...but girly...the handmade set is simply magical. Love it! I love sets made in places other than the USA. Each are so unique and dainty...

    I hope to go on a cruise someday! Beautiful pics!


  18. This an unusual cup and saucer and I am glad you chose to share it. The lovely hand painting and retro design is so unique. I have heard the Stangl pottery name but have not seen the dinnerware and it is very pretty! You always keep us so informed about different potteries and I always appreciate the information.

    The photos of your trip are gorgeous and the glacier is so amazing! You were so fortunate to view the bear fishing and eating in the river and the photos are very dramatic. Maybe my husband and I will need to push up our list of places to visit and put Alaska closer to the top! Were you pleased with your cruise line and the ship you were on? Thanks for sharing and looking forward to next week!



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