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Friday, April 13, 2012

Pink Saturday and Tea On The Titanic

The above photo is the last taken of the Titanic as she sailed from Cobh or Queenstown, Ireland in 1912 by Father S. M. Browne. Photo from source listed below.

I am joining Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for Pink Saturday for Saturday April 14th, and Sandi at Rose Chintz Cottage for Tea On The Titanic  on Sunday April 15th.

I looked to find a teacup dating to the Edwardian era, during the time that the Titanic was launched and sank and remembered this lovely Adderley, England floral chintz I shared a year ago.

Although this is the correct for 1912, the famous White Star Titanic sailed with custom designed china for first class passengers from the Royal Crown Derby pottery in England which have been reissued for the centennial.

Click on the teacup or teapot to go to the Royal Crown Derby press release about the reissue and what is available, or click this link: Royal Crown Derby Titanic China

Here is a link to the Royal Crown Derby blog with some interesting memorabilia of the original china order: Royal Crown Derby Blog

The teacup is 41 pounds sterling. Pricey. But for the White Star Line and Titanic, it was only the best.  There are so many wonderful blog posts around this week about Titanic, that have so many wonderful things. I thought I would just add a few personal things.

When we go to England on an antiquing trip, rather than fly we take a leisurely 13-16 day spring transatlantic cruise which ends us up in England, our ultimate destination via other ports. This was taken from the Brilliance Of The Seas when we docked at Cobh which is now a part of Cork, Ireland the main part of which is about 20 miles away. The town is part of the Titanic story, because it was the last port Titanic touched before heading out and ultimately colliding with the iceberg. The ship had left her birthplace, Belfast just a few days earlier.  Many of the 3rd class immigrant passengers had gotten on here. We were fascinated by the remnants of those days still found in thew picturesque little town.

This is the White Star Line headquarters in Cobh (pronounced Cove) about 4 blocks from where our ship was moored. The building is now a pub...notably named The Titanic...with some cases of memorabilia.

The little town hasn't changed much.

This is the Kennedy Park near the White Star offices, where many would have waited to board.

Cobh was called Queenstown when Titanic sailed from here in 1912, and the town has put together an interpretive and interactive exhibit called The Queenstown Experience that was wonderful. Thousands of Irish immigrants passed out of this port to try to find new lives during the potato famines and clearances. The exhibit, which is full of artifacts, life size recreations of onboard ship experiences and videos, newsreels and personal photo and memorabilia collections was a wonderful and poignant experience about how hard life was for many of the people passing through here.

The room where passengers waited to board is now an area of shops and a tea shop you enter after exiting the exhibit, one of the displays is seen here, and a link to there website is at the bottom of the post.

On the Quay is a statue dedicated to a woman and her children, Mary Smith who emigrated to America on the Titanic.  There is also a Titanic memorial to those who lost their lives in the disaster.

For some fabulous further interesting websites related to the Titanic disaster, here are:

The Titanic Trail – Guided Walking Tour of Cobh


  1. The Royal Crown Titanic re-issued china is so elegant. I love it!!! Thanks for sharing this story with us.

  2. So interesting! I'm getting ready for My Tea Titanic post.I told My husband about our fun and that I would like a piece of the new China and He said"How Morbid"-HUH- guess We won't invite Him. :) Denise

  3. Hi Ruth! This is so interesting - all the Titanic lure out there. I daresay my little offering on Sunday will not be much. I've only a couple things to share - not the least of which is a fascinating little teacup and saucer that is very like the Titanic china in spirit - but of Russian make. I admit - I had to borrow your image to put next to the cup I have and will surely link back to you!!

    Loving our sparrows today and always!

  4. How I would love any piece of the re-issued Royal Crown Titanic china, but it is a bit costly for my budget. I am so fascinated by the history of the Titanic, I too wrote up a three part series and could have done a lot more. Excellent post. Diane

  5. I'm going around visiting everyone on today's PINK SATURDAY list.....with my hot cup of coffee, of course! Just wanted to let you know that I was here! Have yourself a great weekend, and stop by my place if you've the time!

    ciao bella
    Creative Carmelina

  6. As always, I have learned something new reading a post of yours.

    Your pictures of Cobh are wonderful - thank you so much for sharing your experiences there.

    You sure do know a wonderful way to travel, indeed.

    I wish I could say Happy Memorial, but it is anything but that.........may their souls rest in peace. Such a tragedy. It is difficult to even imagine it all. And here we are 100 years later.......

  7. Thanks for sharing this informative post about The Titanic. I've read and seen a lot about the ill fated voyage this past week and find it facinating. The china is really beautiful. Pamela

  8. I enjoyed your post very much -- Happy Pink Saturday!

    I visited Cobb a few years ago and was in Belfast last year -- a year too early for their new Titanic explorative center.

  9. As always I enjoy reading the history you share with us. It sounds wonderful to travel by ship ... hope you'll share your next trip!! xo HHL

  10. Hello Ruth,
    gorgeous post and I love the Royal Crown Derby Pattern. Thank you for all this interesting informations.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  11. Hi Ruth! This was such an interesting post. I love the map picture. I found you at the Titanic tea party. Denise from englishpurpleribbon.blogspot.com/

  12. It must be an enchanting vacation for you,how wonderful.So informative,I would love to take the same trip.Loved all the info.,Enjoyed My visit.Hugs Denise

  13. Great post, Ruth! I am intrigued with your transatlantic voyages to England and Ireland! What fun! Love your Adderly cup and saucer too.

  14. Hi Ruth,
    The Royal Crown Derby china really is lovely. And I enjoyed all your photos and the history you have shared. Sounds like quite a trip you took and thank you for sharing it with us. The Adderley teacup is very pretty. Have a wonderful week.


  15. Beautiful post! I loved the pictures of cobh and seeing the building that was turned into a pub. Love the Royal Crown Derby pattern. Thank you for sharing.

  16. What a lovely tribute to those who sailed on the Titanic. I enjoy the history and seeing the beautiful items that harken to that time.

  17. Hi Ruth Thank-you for your visit to my blog! The poem Titanic by David R. Slavitt was written about 1983.

  18. Hi Ruth,

    Your post is lovely and a wonderful tribute to those on the Titanic. It was fun joining everyone this week and remembering the history behind it all.

  19. Hi Ruth,

    You have put together a wonderful post in honor of the Titanic. I enjoyed reading all the history. Happy tea day!

  20. What an amazing post here, I have learned so much! Wow....

  21. Great post, you've made me want to pack my bags!


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