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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

January Hot Tea Month! Heart Shaped Sugar Cubes, Vintage Tea Tin,Tea And Friendship

January is Hot Tea Month, which is of course a favorite with me! I will be joining Teacup Thursday with Miss Spenser and Vintage Thingie Thursday with Colorado Lady.

I can't think of anything more comforting than tea...but then, it has always been a big part of my life. Being from a British family, every morning was started with a cup of tea, although later in my teens, my father switched to coffee because that was what was to be had a work...he was a school administrator and state department consultant for handicapped and exceptional children. My mother began stocking coffee and we got a percolator. But...I never liked coffee and remained a tea drinker.

In Sandy Clough's great book Tea And Friendship, Savoring The Fragrance Of Time Together,  there is a great quote, un attributed, which spells out the bonding influence of a cup of tea:

Teapot is on, the cups are waiting,
Favorite chairs are anticipating,
No matter what you have to do,
My Friend, there's always time for you.

Some of my favorite online tea merchants...and I have a pretty British outlook on tea...sorry...it's just who I am...are:

I got my February 2011 issue of Country Living magazine in the mail yesterday, The White Issue, and was struck by the Heart Of The Country section which includes heart shaped sugar cubes. How cool is that!

The sugar cubes are $4.49 for a 28 ounce bag at parthenonfoods.com.  As the article says, it gives you the opportunity to say "One heart, or two?".

Vintage tea tin at Antiques And Teacups, along with lots of tea related stuff! Click on the tea tin photos to visit.

Another tea quote from Bernard-Paul Heroux:

There is no trouble
so great or grave
that cannot be
much diminished by
a nice cup of tea

I'll drink (a cuppa) to that! One heart or two??? Have a great new day!


  1. Sandy Clough is one of my favorites ... as is most any tea by Harney & Sons! And I adore artful sugar cubes...I order decorated ones from a darling copy online--they're always a BIG hit at tea parties ... with ladies old and young! :)

  2. I just LOVED those heart-shaped sweeties when I saw them! My daughter even noticed. I think they may be a lovely Valentine gift for my little tea companion.
    Beautiful blue tea things you shared!

  3. We love Twinings English Breakfast!
    New follower.Audrey

  4. I think you have tea in your veins or at least genes! Darling posts with so many interesting things!

  5. Quite right, nothing like a good cuppa. My dad always used to say,(if we were upset about something) "go wash ya face and mek a cuppa" ha ha,he was from Lancashire.
    Nice joining you today for tea, xx jeanetteann

  6. Enjoyed your post today. I've also been brought up on tea and prefer it to coffee any day. My mom has alot of English in her, maybe thats why. Twinings English Breaksfast is my favorite.
    Happy New year to you and your family.
    Nancy @ Two Cottages And Tea

  7. I've been drinking several favorites from Harney & Sons lately. I like that pretty blue teaware and the Wedgwood Edme (my good china pattern) and the pretty heart shaped sugar (been wanting to try my hand at making some shaped sugar).

  8. Thanks for the info about the heart shaped sugar cubes, how cute is that!!

    Harney and Sons teas are my favorite! I just had to change from black tea to green or herbal teas and theirs are the best!

    I have met Sandy Clough, she and I used to attend the same church, when she lived in FL!
    She's the best!


  9. your Blue teacup is too HOT! love the gorgeous color! i used to drink tea in the morning but now i have to drink coffee coz i dont know why i was still yawning when i get up at 6am and drink tea but when i drink coffee at that hour i'm awake! :) but i do drink tea after 9am..lots and lots of tea till the evening :)

    x susan

  10. I really enjoy a big glass of ice tea. Never cared too much for the hot. I might like it if I had some a nice tea set like yours.

  11. Dear Ruth,
    Absolutely beautiful photos and post today! And I love the Sandy Clough quote. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I so love to visit here! Have a wonderful Thursday.

  12. Oh, for a great cup of tea on a cold day. I love your tea post and the lovely tea pot and cups. So pretty.
    xo, Jeanne

  13. Pretty post today. Thanks for the tea sources (added this page to my "foodie" favorites). Happy Thursday.

  14. Oh thanks for the link for the heart shaped sugar cubes! A must, heh?
    I love Sandy Clough's work. I have her wallpaper in my kitchen and most of her books. I do believe we are kindred spirits Dear Ruth.
    Have a good week.
    Love, Linda

  15. I smiled when I read this post because when I got my Country Living issue in the mail I also noticed the heart-shape sugar cubes and ordered some. Its is perfect to add a little something to tea time. :) Have a delightful weekend.


  16. I am going to have to run out and get my Country Living Magazine asap. I love those heart shape ice cubes. This was such a wonderful post. Thanks for linking up with us!


  17. What a beautiful blog. I love tea and I love all my teacups. I am going to follow you.

  18. Oooh, are the first two photos from the book? Love the cups in both of them.

  19. Hello there dear lady,

    I especially love your amazing blue teacup from amongst your fabulous collections!

    Thank you so very much for so generously and kindly gracing our blogs with your various lovely Tuesday tea party links. Thanks also for visiting our blogs time and time again and leaving sweet words of comment and encouragement with your participation for our Tuesday Tea's for our, 'Teapot And Tea Things Tuesday', as well as for my, 'Tuesday Tea For Two', weekly blog tea party.

    Pam and I are going to very much miss you as we leave blog land for quite a long while. This is due to very important personal reasons that were unforseen; (even two weeks ago).

    Dear Pam and I had a long and friendly conversation just two days ago. Upon my informing Pam that I needed to 'bow out gracefully', from blogland for the forseeable future, she requested that I also send this message of deepest gratitude and regret on her behalf also. As I bid you a fond farewell and as we both leave you and other very lovely fellow bloggers for the time being my friend.

    Have blessed New Year in 2012!

    Hugs and blessings from Wanda Lee, (and Pam; Pam is from her own, 'Breath Of Fresh Air', blog.)

  20. Lovely post! Love tea and vintage tea things! Happy New Year! xo


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