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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Antique Carpet Ball Black Plaid Carpet Bowling in the Victorian Age

Okay...you probably know about lawn bowling and probably billiards or curling, but do you know about carpet bowling???

During the Victorian age, parlor games and things for families were an important part of family life. The game of Carpet Bowls using carpet balls was developed to move an outdoor game inside. England isn't THAT green without a reason...think mist, rain, downpour,....you get the idea.

Carpet balls are really a forgotten Victorian fad. The balls are about 3 inches in diameter and came in a set of 6-8 with a smaller "jack" ball, usually white. The balls were made of fired clay and were decorated beautifully. There were plaids, florals, stars, stripes and other patterns. Original carpet balls or bowls (as in bowling) are very difficult to find and spawned a decorating frenzy about 15 years ago with Chinese made ones grouped together in bowls as decorative centerpieces. How fun!

The heighth of popularity of the carpet ball was 1870-1890s and thousands were made, but few have survived. They were wacked, and cracked and generally abused. The ones I have at Antiques And Teacups show little concoidal hit marks and an occasional chip. But that just makes them have more character!

You can learn more about this particular Victorian survival at this clickable link:
Carpet Ball Victorian Black Plaid Parlor Bowling Bowls

Lovely day today on the Olympic Peninsula, but obviously fall...already! We're supposed to have and early, wet and cold winter... Joy. Have a great day!

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