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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sequim Lavender Festival and Shakespeare Plate

We had a great day yesterday at the opening of the Sequim Lavender Festival. This is the 14th annual and the town is packed! Our own lavender plants turned there best purple just last week and the whole town seems to be in bloom!

There is a street fair, farm tour of 20 or so lavender farms, each of which offer special chef creations, craft demonstrations and live music as well as lavender education, self pick and lavender gifts. There is a great food court downtown as well with some killer goodies! Th
ere is a place to leave your dog with professionals, rides, games...pretty well you name it. How fun is that! Coastal fog this morning, but it will clear and be beautiful later. Perfect summer day at the coast!
This is the website if you would like some more info: Sequim Lavender Festival

On to another subject, this is a great cake serving plate I added to Antiques And Teacups lately. I found the plate at an antique faire at Hungerford, England several years ago. The picture is The Holy Trinity Church which is located in Stratford, Warwickshire England. Stratford is, of course, where William Shakespeare lived and the church is where he is buried.

My husband was born about 20 miles from Stratford and knows the area well. Now, we know it as a traffic bottleneck we have to get through coming from London to visit the family...several A roads get funneled through a bridge over the river Avon which can be a traffic snarl worthy of Los Angeles.

BUT...the plate is form the 1920-1930s and so from a calmer age. The Holy Trinity Church is just a short walk beside the Avon from Shakespeare's birthplace, so it is actually the most visited tourist site in England. So I was so pleased to find the plate, recognize the church and have had it in my personal collection for about 20 years. But, downsizing my collections at the moment...no more room...and there is always something else I can't pass up....

For more info use this clickable link: the Cake Plate Holy Trinity Church, Stratford England

Have a great day! Get out and enjoy the summer, the local events probably going on around you. Bet there are some antique fairs going on...it's that time of year!

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