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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Antique English Tapestry Tea Cozy

From the archives at Antiques And Teacups
Okay...is it tea cozy or tea cosy? Who knows! As far as many are concerned, both are correct. But for those who aren't familiar with this integral part of taking tea, a tea cozy is a fabric or yarn cover to keep the pot warm for your next cuppa. Tea cozies have been around for several centuries and have been made in all sorts of styles and materials. They come in several sizes to match the several sizes of teapots. Many have padding layers for extra insulation. Some are so engineered that you can pour the tea out with the cozy on the teapot and with some they just sit over the pot and need to be lifted off to pur.

Tea cozies or cosies were especially popular during the victorian era, the 19th century, and were often the example of housewifely industry and skill. You can still find some great hand made tea cozies with berlin work, tapestry, cross stitch, crewel work , lace net, candlewicking and the like that took hours to make. Tea cozies are a relatively inexpensive collectible and if cared for carefully can be used as well.

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Later tonight we get a new series of the novels Cranford on PBS which take place in England during the early 19th century. They are fun to watch for their period details. Look for tea cozies. They'll be there!

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