Saturday, May 25, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend....honoring our Veterans

I wanted to post this antique postcard, honoring those who have served to safe guard the freedoms we take for granted too often. Memorial Day is a day to remember.....

In England it is called Poppy Day. My friend Kathryn of A Writer's Reverie blog posted this graphic explaining the reason the poppies were chosen, and I thought it appropriate to share that as well today:

When we were on one of our English buying trips for Antiques And Teacups and Time Was Antiques  we took a side trip across the channel by ferry.

While touring France, we visited the battlefields at Normandy and Lorraine, France. The visit was truly a moving experience...with graves and markers as far as one could see. It somehow brought home in visible terms the scope of the losses.

So I take this opportunity to remember all who have sacrificed, and are still serving to safeguard that which we hold dear.  Thank you.

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